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  1. In 3.3.5 what is expected behaviour when a group member logs out? Is that group member supposed to be kicked/leave the group? We recently had a 3 man group going, and every time someone logged out and in, they left the group and had to be re-invited. I just can't remember if this was the behaviour in 3.3.5 or not, it seems wrong and very annoying, especially when in an instance.
  2. Right now it seems like all items are put into 3 categories: Vendor items Loot item Misc, neither vendor or loot This means that all items that exclusively come from crafting will be in the Misc category. https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/d7c53c30fb45f6da015e126aeb8a4a1901f72e58/src/server/game/AuctionHouseBot/AuctionHouseBotSeller.cpp#L245 What if a fourth Craftable category was introduced? Then there would be a way to to get craftable items for sale without having to enable Misc or add them all to forceInclude. This should include Glyphs among other things, without all the other junk in Misc. This should also include other missing items like the specialty bags. So the question is, is there an good way to find a list of all craftable items?
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