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  1. I have had this for a long while but no one knew of it so yeah... thought it was about time I made it public. RE the saving of searched terms, I will look into it
  2. how did it work out for you? any issues? were the results satisfactory? also thanx for the detective work
  3. as you might be able to see above there is a new custom search box on the forums, if you cant see it its because of your adblock, please consider removing our site from adblock as I promise we have no ads on the site, none, zero, zilch so you wont be bombarded by ads if you whitelist TC . this search box is a combination box that parses all of the TC sites / sections and gives a singular search location for everything at once. You get: the wiki the forums the sourcecode on github the issues on github pull requests on github doxygen docs irc logs from #trinity on rizon you can refine your search to specific sections using tabs at top of the results : the results are labeled and show full URL. search away and let me know how it goes for you it is being improved over time so there might be changes.
  4. APC is in use actually, memcached was setup for a different site on the same machine, and since it was available it was added to IPB here for TC also. no other reason.
  5. yeah sometimes earlier tonight that VPS died, waiting for hardware replacement. for the time being its been removed from rotation.
  6. only a couple of days so far but finally got around to setting it up for the forum index will update in a coupla weeks.
  7. last update : 2011-12-26 for IPB 3.0, IPB went thru some changes at 3.1.x 3.2.x 3.3.x and now 3.4.x. that wiki link doesnt work. also yes we can most likely make it work to some degree, but security becomes an issue on a piece of software that just isnt maintained anymore.
  8. Search engine spider crawling rates ebbs and flows e for TC.org forums in a nice png image
  9. hello everyone, please help me welcome a list of new dev to the team, they have been working on various things around the core by providing code, pull requests and otherwise being generally helpful where possible and we feel its time they gets a bump from pull requests to push access As you all know we are sorely lacking dev man power, and this addition will help us in many aspects. without further ado and in no particular order : +Pitcrawler +Gacko +Trista +Warpten Do you feel you can contribute? please make pull requests on github, its the quickest way to get noticed and invited as a contributor / dev. thank you.
  10. +MrSmite test tag to see if this notification brings back your older ones.
  11. +MrSmite after testing by myself and with +Subv 's help I cant repeat this behavior. maybe it was browser render cache?
  12. possibly a glitch in the beta IPB, will file a bug report.
  13. its not a bbcode. the bbcode is added by our hook when it parses plus sign (+) followed by a valid username.
  14. the "report" links on each post are there for everyones use and ease
  15. +Subv working for me. just got a notification.
  16. yeah minor issue for now, I switched to the new beta for IPB hoping to resolve the tab issue, and it has a coupla small bugs.
  17. one of the templates never reverted after the upgrade, so the hooks couldnt apply. should be fixed now. if its all working please mark this repy as solver thanx.
  18. yeah for some reason the hook for extra links just isnt getting set properly, tried fixing i last night but then had to leave to go pick up gf. going to redo the menus in a bit from scratch.
  19. yeah a forum upgrade broke the custom menu system we use, I will fix it tonight.
  20. its running on debug but no error is being reported and I dont have time to GDB it for now
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