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  1. Oh, so the process would be to copy over the WoW folder into a Linux distro and then extract the data? Also, I'd like to hear your input on my suggested Wiki How-To layout above if you have the time. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm guessing the full process will only work on Mac or Windows, however, since WoW doesn't work on Linux?
  3. If we could all agree on a cross-platform Git and MySQL application, we could combine all of the source pulling/updating into one page, alongside the database install and server configuration. In essence, each OS page would only contain instructions on how to get needed programs, such as Visual C++ for Windows and GCC for Linux. The only other difference I can think of is the vmaps/dbcs extraction would have to come from Windows and neither of the other OSs (unless that changed recently). Here's how I'm visualizing the finished product: Windows Required Programs <Link to common page> Linux Required Programs Creating a user Anything else Linux-specific <Link to common page> Mac Required Programs Anything else Mac-specific <Link to common page> Common Page Pulling/Compiling the Source (using Git BASH instead of Git Extensions so that it's cross-platform) Installing the databases (using MySQL Workbench perhaps? It's cross-platform, and v6.0 was just released. ) Extracting the maps/DBCs (Instruction will need to mention that this step is Windows-only) Configuring the server (Only a text editor is needed for the server configs, so this will be fairly easy) Keeping things Updated
  4. You make some excellent points, and I tend to agree with you 100%. I'm curious if you have an opinion of my suggestion, or do you still believe all instruction for all OS's, including Core/Database/Configuration/Updating should all go on a single page?
  5. I believe both options have advantages and disadvantages, but I think we're putting too much stress on an issue that isn't really an issue. As long as it's done properly, both options are viable. I'm fine with keeping it similar to the way it is now - 3 pages for each OS, and 1 common page for Database/Core/Updating/Configuration. This means that if you're only dealing with a Linux install, you only need to read 2 pages - the Linux install page, and the common page. Since the WoW 4.x,x instruction isn't much different than 3.3.5, it could easily be added in beside the 3.3.5 instructions, like this: For 4.x.x, do blah blah blah. Thoughts?
  6. The core process will need to be cloned from two different branches. The database update locations will differ. Extracting the maps/DBCs will be slightly different, or use a different program. Nothing major, like I said, but still a few variations. Possibly a few more I haven't thought of yet.
  7. I like this idea, but Magnificator reminded me of something - 3.3.5 AND 4.x installation requirements are needed. Though they're not much different from each other, I'm curious how you would go about adding in the additional instruction.
  8. I see, so all of the OS-specific information is contained within each OS page, but shared information that is similar for all OSs was combined into one page, rather than having the same "Final Steps" or "Database Install" information in all 3 pages - Windows, Linux, and Mac. Fair enough, that makes sense. Still, it feels half-finished. My anal retentive brain is calling out 2 things: No offense meant, but the name "How-to_First_step_into_Trinity_Core" doesn't feel like it fits its purpose. It feels like it should be something more simple and direct, such as "How-To_Final Configuration", or "How-To_Configuration", or even "How-To_Final_Steps". With it having "First" in the name, many users may think it is the first thing that should be done. If new users are supposed to follow steps that are split between 3 pages, then this needs to be perfectly clear in every possible way they can be shown: At the end of each OS page - Win, Mac, Linux, at the end of the "Install the Database" pages, and on the main page of the Wiki. The "Installation Guide" section on the main page feels like it might be unclear for a new user on how to proceed. What are your thoughts on this?
  9. I revisited the Wiki today after some time being away and noticed something strange. It seems that the user "E.R." (Ascathor here on the forum) has split the How-To: Windows section into separate pages (his edit on Sep. 17th). The second half of the instruction is now on "How-To First step into Trinity Core". The result is that the entire instruction to setup TC on Windows is now on 3 pages (in order of steps needed to complete): How-To: Windows Installation of TDB (3.3.5a) How-To First step into Trinity Core The problem is, there's no continuation of #1 to #2. Meaning, at the end of How-To: Windows, there's a link to How-To: First step into Trinity Core. Furthermore, there's no link in the "How-To" sidebar section regarding TDB installation. It's only located on the main splash page of the Wiki. Users will inevitably get lost. The above needs to be fixed, and I intend to fix it myself. What I'd like to know is, is there a general consensus on what is preferred? Do we all want the instructions on a single page like it used to be, or do you prefer the sections split up between several different pages? Personally, I believe everything should be combined into a single page. One page equals one edit when things need to be updated or changed. Thoughts?
  10. [Guide] Fixing "Patch Does Not Apply" Errors
  11. Maestro, I love you. You couldn't have posted that at a more opportune time, especially with this hacker affecting a handful of TC servers. I'm using Manuel's Passive Anticheat at the moment. Are you liking Warden?
  12. Here's Revision 40 - FULL TDB (always choose the most recent one): https://github.com/T...yCore/downloads I'd recommend bookmarking this link and checking on it monthly.
  13. Is this supposed to be a supplement to Truice?
  14. Could you post it in the format everyone else has been using? In worldserver.exe: server info
  15. If a program skips a few lines and warns you about it, that's one thing. If it skips a few lines and tells you it didn't.. that's pretty scary. Navicrap, indeed.
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