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  1. TrinityCore Hash: 542bc3008d36397f9f41ef0d5dffa2f7716049ab Online players: 42 (max: 352) Active connections: 43 (max: 359) Queued connections: 0 (max: 0) Server uptime: 3 Day(s) 12 Hour(s) 55 Minute(s) 8 Second(s). Update time diff: 61.
  2. You seem to be doing something wrong because a lot of files are missing which cause those errors. The main error is " No such file or directory". Case 1: You don't have full copy of the repo Case 2: You don't set Cmake Lists settings required to compile the core. Case 3: Unknown error, perhaps you are just dumb
  3. 6 hours uptime can not be called stable at all, especially with 40 "friends" online. PS: You can reload the configs without restarting the server. PS: Ill post soon the current revision i use, which seems to be stable, like almost 2 days uptime and still counting...
  4. TrinityCore Hash: ba80f2fbdc90df6af6d9 Online players: 255 (max: 348) Active connections: 261 (max: 355) Queued connections: 0 (max: 0) Server uptime: 1 Day(s) 23 Hour(s) 14 Minute(s) 14 Second(s). Update time diff: 51. Note: The arena system is not working at all.
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