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  1. I was finally able to figure out how to set it up for what I had wanted. fyi anyone who has the same issue here are the settings I ended up with in order to get all pc's working. LAN PC holding the TrinityCore Server and WoW Client. realmlist.wtf = set realmlist LAN PC with WoW Client only, connecting to Server on LAN PC realmlist.wtf = set realmlist External Client Connections to DNS "winterwolf.ddns.net" Through Internet. set realmlist winterwolf.ddns.net Database Auth.Realmlist (1,'Winterbeast','winterwolf.ddns.net','','',8085,0,0,2,0,0,12340) Hostfile use: none The Router/Port Forwarding were never the problem so I'm leaving that info out. Thanks for your replies.
  2. As I understand in order for my Lan Pc's to connect to the Server Pc I have to have the Lan Ip of the Server Machine set as the "LocalAddress" value in the realmlist. and in order for my Niece to connect from her home I have to have my domainName set as the "local" value. from what I have done this allows me to connect from the server machine itself and from my other LAN machines, but it wont allow connecting externally. I know that connecting externally works just not with the above settings and at the expense of the LAN Pc's not working instead. Has anyone actually connected to their server machine through their client on the server, while someone else connected through the LAN network, and while a third individual connected externally?
  3. I'm not sure if i'm understanding correctly your post in that thread on "Login into TrinityCore", i continue to have problems, all three pc's run on windows 10. on my local Pc with the Server: (is able to connect) realmlist.wtf: set realmlist winterwolf.ddns.net hosts file: winterwolf.ddns.net auth.realmlist Values: (1,'Winterbeast','winterwolf.ddns.net','','',8085,0,0,2,0,0,12340) on my Lan Pc: (is able to connect) realmlist.wtf: set realmlist winterwolf.ddns.net hosts file: winterwolf.ddns.net my niece's Pc connecting through internet: (Is 'NOT' able to connect) "she gets the realm loop issue."" realmlist.wtf: set realmlist winterwolf.ddns.net in my router both ports 3724 and 8085 are forwarded to, and i have tested to make sure the ports are open. Did i do something wrong in the above?
  4. I installed the 3.3.5 branch of trinitycore but im having problems connecting multiple clients. I have 3 computers: Local, Lan and Internet the Local Machine hosts both the trinitycore server and a copy of the wow client (realmlist set to a separate Lan Machine hosts a wow client (realmlist set to which is the Lan ip of the above local machine. my niece has a Machine at her house with a wow client that connects through the internet using (realmlist set to my.noip.dns) The Local machine with the server installed, auth.realmlist address is set for my.noip.dns ports 8085 and 3724 are port forwarded and working. my problem is this: i can get the local machine and the Lan machine to work at the same time with the auth.realmlist set to the lan ip of or i can get the local machine and my niece connected through the internet to work at the same time using the auth.realmlist set to my dns my.noip.dns. but i cant get all three to work at the same time. can you run Local, Lan and Internet all three at the same time? As i said the server runs and connections are possible, just not with all three at the same time. When i try to run all three, the Lan machine wont connect but instead runs the infinite realm loop.
  5. Assuming that you are doing a fresh install. Re-download the "Full" database from here: https://github.com/d..._2011_11_24.rar follow the wiki instructions on Installing the databases using the above for your world database, after you have all 3 databases set up then go to your TrinityCore Source folder and go into the sql/updates/world folder and apply all updates that need to be applied. roadmaster *Edit* glad you were able to fix it.
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