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  1. Hello, I can not connect to my server 6. I am using 5 so it is ok for the port (and the new one) I have I take a look at other post , and double check my components are ok (I have build a clean version to test) I have no clues what to check or where to look I have created several accounts to test, but no way. Is their some extra securities (rbac ?) above the user ? I have no trace of my logs, on incorrect password on the server file thanks in advance. Can someone share an example of its tables ?
  2. I have no idea what to trace to see my errors/mistake
  3. I follow your suggestion but I am stuck with the password as I was entering a wrong password: I am using bnet account create (or set password) then account set password everything seems fine but I have allways this erreur 104 => wrongpassword in the log it says ok then ko I am lost
  4. I have cleaned my "auth" database and now I can not connect anymore: I suspect it is linked to rbac security, any suggestions please ?
  5. I have this error : I suspect I miss a parameter into the worldserver.conf.dist but I do not see it, any suggestions please ?
  6. I have tryed with uk client, and still have the same problem. I do manage to connect with it to an official server, so I suspect the problem is not on the client. regarding the server I have no errors when launching the 2 exe. So I am stuck, I do not know where to look for.
  7. thanks, done but no difference I create a new character and it hangs as usual
  8. I have manage to connect, choose a realm, a character connect to the wold then at 80%, my progress bar stop. On the server nothing fancy , quite strange : any ideas of my mistake ?
  9. I can compile perfectly without tools option but when I check it I have : If I remove mesh I do not have it obviously but what I need to make it ruuning ? if it is put inside the code is for something isn't it ?
  10. to try to help to find problems with extractor, what is expected from people with 4.3.4 client version on which the extractor doesn't like ?
  11. any luck on extractors 4.3.4? needed more informations ?
  12. allready done unfortunately looks like same discussion when dbc were equal to 0
  13. strange thing the db I use in an other git (4.3.4 => the right one) Client: I manage to play and extract dbc (for examples) but not more I also have an other client http://pastebin.com/M8HDKCAh and same problem at the beginning some of my dbc were extract with 0, => a modification has been done by the developmment team and solved is it the same thing here ?
  14. client : 4.3.4 (Fr and or UK) files : http://pastebin.com/1YrqYX0z server : git release:
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