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Found 2 results

  1. Hello TrinityCore members, I wanted to mess around with 6.2.4a build 21742, I've downloaded/compiled the trinitycore TrinityCore-6.2.4-21742 from github I've got connection_patcher.exe among other files in my release build I've got client with same patch TrinityCore-6.2.4-21742 I patched the client(all successful) with patcher i've got from compiling source. When i run WoW_Patched.exe i get error message https://imgur.com/a/ZZQI3J9 can anyone help me i'd appreciate it a lot!
  2. I was able to patch both my mac and windows clients successfully and push it back from my ubuntu server installation. Now whenever I try to open the either patched client I get the following error. The CAS system was unable to initialize: ClientHandler: initialization error: failed fetching the CDN configuration file tact::ClientHandler::Create failed: E_NOT_AVAILABLE [20160530T14:18:08] {70949} ERR: [R5kD:5] HTTP error; (/tpr/wow/config/a4/3d/a43dd04a6cb386038cdd094dfa44f1e4), ver=1.1, code=404 [20160530T14:18:08] {70949} INF: Got bad content response: i Is there something I missed in the setup that should redirect away from that ip address? I modified the bnetserver.conf and worldserver.conf on my server. And modified the config.wtf file on the client to my lan server ip for the portal. This appears to be a host that is serving the file. Is this a file I need to serve on my wowserver? Or am I suppose to edit my hosts file to redirect away from it? The ip address resolves to blzddist1-a.akamaihd.net... not sure if that helps. I also did a wireshark capture that shows a 404 response from the server telling me the file doesn't exist. Can someone confirm that actually belongs to blzddist1-a.akamaihd.net... or is my isp doing something that is screwing something up and I need to hard code an entry in my hosts file. And can anyone confirm they have gotten to load successfully? Thanks
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