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I have been noticing that the forum has lost some topics, and not only recently.

When I go to my profile and see my posted topics, I cant see the old ones at all, nor do I find them by searching.

There was also a thread in the help section I believe about single gossip items being displayed in gossip windows.

The thread is now gone and all links to it are invalid.


The error is saying I do not have permission to view the topic.. But I am logged in.

It seems the topic is there, or some remnants of it at least, since when you go to this address it fills in the topic name to the url:



Anyone else noted such?

Is it a bug?

Some feature deleting old threads?

Mods hiding threads ?_?

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So they are permanently lost for members?
I cant see them in solved nor is there an archive visible anywhere.


And just a side note, the other thread(s) I was referring to were in custom code section.



I think that is a pretty bad move. What about all the good data they have :(

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