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WoW Zombie Event

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Hey Everyone,

Right now i'm working on recreating the Zombie Invasion event for World of Warcraft. Literally everything is done I just ran into one kind of big issue. I need to change my players faction to so the Orgrimmar grunts and other horde/alliance people can attack the player who is a zombie. I tried getting changing a players faction with the SetFaction method. When I changed my faction to human player the Stormwind guards were still red but stoped attacking me and the Orgrimmar guards are still friendly, I was gaining rested xp Alliance zones and Horde zones were red to me. For the most part this did infact change my faction the only thing it didnt really do was make it so i could attack horde npcs. Do you know what I can do to solve this issue?

This is what I am trying to recreate: I need to be able to set the zombies to a faction that is attackble by all alliance/horde players and guards


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3 minutes ago, Aokromes said:

Plz, share your code to get help about this issue.


I have no code regarding this part of the issue, only thing i did was make it so when I type in chat its changes my faction to number 1 for testing reasons.  On live you got a debuff called, http://www.wowhead.com/spell=43869/youre-a-zombie. This debuff changed your faction so we were attackable by everyone but other zombies. On TC this spell doesn't do that and i'm trying to figure out a way around it. Clearly SetFaction doesn't work on players or is simply very buggy!

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