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Hi, as someone may remember, there was a plugin in the Confluence wiki which was used to insert tabs for showing the correct guide for each operating system.

Unfortunately the plugin didn't work in the cloud and so it has been removed and all the os-related guides have been converted to standalone pages.

Btw, by looking at the official Confluence guide, I saw that they use expandable menus for this purpose (example). Couldn't we do just the same (I don't really like the idea of having a different page for each OS)? I created a copy of the installation requirements page to show an example: link.

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One issue we had tabs is that more people than expected simply missed them and could not find the guide for the other OSs.

Anyway, I can see that expandable text working for small portions, not entire pages. If we had a single page for all the OSs, would the texts in the expandables be short excerpts or the whole thing?

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