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trinity core with netbeans c++


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I used to use NetBeans. But I am using CodeLite now. I use VS for Windows and you can even cross reference the indexing over to CodeLite. (I use both Windows and Ubuntu machines)

I no longer use NetBeans due to Java issues.

Curious... you are using cygwin, You don't want to use VS or prefer another IDE on Windows?

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The fundamental problem of why I do not use VS is that I have space problems on my hard drive. VS consumes a lot of space that I do not have available now so I alternately use netbeans to compile C ++.  I'm more familiar with it. I used it in the university to compile Java and I knew it could be used in C ++. Since I was more attached to him, I thought it would be good. So you say that Netbeans has problems with Java? I did not know. I do not know if it will be efficient in which case I would have to get a new hard drive for that.

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