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Get crash log with clang in Ubuntu 18.04

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Hi, i just tried to replace GCC with Clang. Normally before i switch i use this script to get the crash log



#! /bin/bash

DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"

echo $DIR
cd $DIR

echo "run\n" > gdbcommands
echo "shell echo -e \"SERVERCRASHEVENT\"        " >> gdbcommands
echo "shell echo -e \"\nCRASH ON\" `date`       " >> gdbcommands
echo "info program                              " >> gdbcommands
echo "shell echo -e \"\nBACKTRACE\n\"           " >> gdbcommands
echo "bt                                        " >> gdbcommands
echo "shell echo -e \"\nBACKTRACE FULL\n\"      " >> gdbcommands
echo "bt full                                   " >> gdbcommands
echo "shell echo -e \"\nTHREADS\n\"             " >> gdbcommands
echo "info threads                              " >> gdbcommands
echo "shell echo -e \"\nTHREADS BACKTRACE\n\"   " >> gdbcommands
echo "thread apply all bt full                  " >> gdbcommands

chmod +x gdbcommands

while :
    echo "starting worldserver";
    sleep 5
    mkdir -p crashes
    gdb worldserver --batch -x gdbcommands | tee crashes/current
    FILE=$(date +%s)
    sed -i '1,/SERVERCRASHEVENT/d' crashes/current
    mv crashes/current crashes/$FILE".crash"
    find crashes/ -name '*.crash' -and -size -10k -delete # Remove small files (not crashes)

    echo "worldserver stopped";
        sleep 1


After replacing with Clang compiler, seem like it doesn't generate crash log in to crash folder anymore. I'm not sure what I'm missing, i have tried to search some before i create a new topic but i haven't found any answer then i decided to create this topic to ask for help

Thanks for reading :D

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