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  1. Hi guys, I'm going to buy new hardware for reducing compile time in Trinity core. I have heard about Ryzen, it had more core and threads but haven't tested its performance. I just want to ask anyone have Ryzen CPU can share compile time?
  2. Question About game_event_pool table

    I'm trying to google my problem and found this topic, i read carefully but i don't realize that is my post 2 years ago with same problem. ROFL!
  3. Question About game_event_pool table

  4. Question About game_event_pool table

    Thanks for reply,here is my code -- Random Respawn DELETE FROM `pool_template` WHERE entry=888002; INSERT INTO `pool_template`(`entry`,`max_limit`,`description`) VALUES (888002,1, 'NPC Event Spawn (888002)'); DELETE FROM `pool_creature` WHERE pool_entry=888002; INSERT INTO `pool_creature`(`guid`,`pool_entry`,`chance`,`description`) VALUES (400000,888002,0, 'NPC Event Spawn 1'), (400001,888002,0, 'NPC Event Spawn 2'), (400002,888002,0, 'NPC Event Spawn 3'); -- Game Event ID: 100 DELETE FROM game_event WHERE eventEntry IN (100); INSERT INTO game_event VALUES (100,'2015-03-16 21:46:00','2015-03-16 22:40:00',120,119,0,'Event Killing Mob',0); -- Game Event Creature DELETE FROM game_event_creature WHERE guid IN (400000,400001,400002); INSERT INTO game_event_creature VALUES (100,400000), (100,400001), (100,400002); -- Game Event Pool DELETE FROM game_event_pool WHERE eventEntry IN (100); INSERT INTO game_event_pool VALUES (100,888002);
  5. Hi,i'm trying to understand this table. As description of this table: This table determines if a given pool is active for a given game event. it means it linked with table pool_template? I have a pool creature that have 1 NPC with 3 respawn, only 1 will available to see,if you kill that repsawn, NPC will respawn in another location. But when i bring it with game_event, when event start it displays all NPC spawned .... I already insert a record with event ID and pool entry in table pool_template Hope you understand what i'm saying. Sorry for my bad english!
  6. Compile or cmake problems

    http://www.mediafire.com/view/uut6csbp2r1dff8/CMakeError.log Following Installation Guide and get this error. Help me please!