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Yet another build / docker install guide.


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I've been running a TrinityCore instance in a docker container for a few months, and decided to write up my build / maintenance scripts and put them on github @ https://github.com/notagamedevnono/trinityCore-docker

My aim was to write a single build script that was relatively easy to set up and which did everything for you with minimal fuss - tool setup, building, client extraction, and docker building all in one. I also added a guide for how to run a docker instance, as there some settings which make it easier. Hopefully someone finds this useful. Feedback welcome.

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    • By PavelFreeman
      Hello, I want to compile Trinity, but I get this errors...

      Did everything according to the documentation (https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130077/Installation+Guide) for Windows 10.

      Visual Studio 2019.
    • By Neech
      I've run my own TC 3.3.5 server on Ubuntu for some time for just playing around on.
      Recently I discovered more difficulty rebuilding it though. ...so I put a little effort into a little Dockerised automated build as a fall-back plan in case I could no longer build and run it on my preferred host.
      I thought I would share it here in case anybody else finds it useful.
      * https://github.com/neechbear/trinitycore
      * https://github.com/neechbear/trinitycore/blob/master/GettingStarted.md
      Comments and contributions are welcomed.
    • By adamj200
      I have build 22345 of WoW but when I run map extractor is says this:
      The dbc files cause worldserver to crash on startup.
      Do I have to run it on an older version?
      Does anyone know why I get this error, ONLY when I use any of the builds from the past week.  If I build an older version it compiles fine.

      Seems that this error happens when I try to build using any version past this commit:
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