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  1. Hello guys, I have an issue with recompiling my old TC core (2015) on Windows 10, like in the attached screenshot. Steps I took: 1. Install Git Extensions (2.27.0) 64-bit 2. Install Visual Studio 2019 3. Install Win64 OpenSSL v1.0.2u to the /bin directory 4. Install and add to Windows path boost_1_73_0-msvc-14.2-64.exe 5. Install CMake-3.17.3-win64-x64.msi 6. Install and configure MySQL 7. Pulled the Core Source to a folder 8. Created a Build folder 9. Run CMake and got the error. I've tried changing the compiler to Visual Studio 2013 - same error I've tried changing CMake to v2.8.12.2 - same error I've tried changing Win64 OpenSSL v1.1.1g 64bit/32/bit - same error This is driving me crazy... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!
  2. Here it is: https://github.com/TrinityCoreArchive/TrinityCore434 It got archived and replaced by 6.x
  3. So here you go @mylifesuxit. Hope you got your answer -> stick to Mangos. As for Paradox... Oh well...
  4. Hello, Today i compiled a fresh TC Master core and everything went smooth until the updating of the databases. Here are the steps i followed: 1. Created the 3 databases: auth, characters, world. 2. Imported the auth db structure from the sql/base folder. 3. Imported the characters db structure from the same folder. 4. Imported the world db structure by importing the TDB_full_335.51_2013_02_14.sql 5. Created a .bat file that would combine all the sql's from the sql/updates folder. 6. Imported all required updates in each db. -> And here is where the errors appeared (see the screenshots attached). Auth log: TrinityCore rev. 4537d4082eb3 2013-04-22 17:37:13 +0200 (master branch) (Win32, Release) (authserver) <Ctrl-C> to stop. Using configuration file authserver.conf. OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013 (Library: OpenSSL 1.0.1c 10 May 2012) Opening DatabasePool 'auth'. Asynchronous connections: 1, synchronous connections: 1. MySQL client library: 5.5.9 MySQL server ver: 5.5.24-log Connected to MySQL database at MySQL client library: 5.5.9 MySQL server ver: 5.5.24-log Connected to MySQL database at In mysql_stmt_prepare() id: 14, sql: "SELECT country FROM ip2nation WHERE ip < ? ORDER BY ip DESC LIMIT 0,1" Table 'auth.ip2nation' doesn't exist In mysql_stmt_prepare() id: 68, sql: "SELECT c.country FROM ip2nationCountries c, ip2nation i WHERE i.ip < ? AND c.code = i.country ORDER BY i.ip DESC LIMIT 0,1" Table 'auth.ip2nationcountries' doesn't exist DatabasePool auth NOT opened. There were errors opening the MySQL connections. Check your SQLDriverLogFile for specific errors. Cannot connect to database So what's the deal with these errors? Am i doing something wrong like: "Another very common error is to try to apply auth/character updates into a fresh downloaded core, the base files for auth/characters are usualy updated every time they need to be updated and you don't need to run them on new server install." ? Thanks
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