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  1. HannibalRoG

    Is 7.3.5 (25928) not supported with extractors?

    At this precise moment it works perfectly for me.
  2. HannibalRoG

    [master] Trainer_Spell Database

    @WoWCrash use this and feedback 2018_01_03_04_npc_trainers.zip
  3. HannibalRoG

    Is 7.3.5 (25928) not supported with extractors?

    @Selia yes, try this https://dl.ashamane.com/7.3.2/ @micckkk for your client too
  4. HannibalRoG

    TrinityCore or Ashamane?

    I do not think it's better or worse, but faster, when a trinity arrangement takes 3 months to implement in ashamane is almost instantaneous. It is a young but open source project like Trinity. Look at it as an alternative, not everything is Blizzlike but if we wait for Blizzlike content we will never have a moderately interesting server to levelup a character and do some pvp. Is not that what everyone wants? We will continue to support Trinity in everything we can and want to implement what is already done in Ashamane, but they will follow in their wake and Ashamane to theirs. Stop guessing, start reading https://www.diffchecker.com/7n1pRA70
  5. HannibalRoG

    source code wow

    @Predator search in the source code.
  6. @aokromes but every issue closed because of this huge issue has much more info that just one list. I open more than 100 issues about the script of spell that not function, can i open only one with a list of spell that not function properly? that its a point work in part of the problem not in one huge problem.
  7. @nubqt has a good point, although it is true that this is not a business, if we should consider doing the job easier. As it is often requested that large RPs be split into several smaller ones, there should be the possibility of splitting long lists of problems. Some of the advantages that I personally see: -Would allow those who know how to develop something specific to do so without depending on fixing a problem that they do not know how. -We can get fixes more often. - See more easily how problems are solved in each case, learning will be more easier.
  8. HannibalRoG

    TrinityCore 7.x client issues

    I actually run official client 7.2.5 in an Intel CPU core i5 3330, GPU Nvidia 750 and 8Gb of Ram an it fly with all setting full, I'm sure it's a problem of your client.
  9. HannibalRoG

    Creature dungeon difficutly

    Full disscusion about the implementation of all modes in master here: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/16997
  10. @CDawg that depends on whether it is master or 3.3.5, as I said, with so little information you can not help much. In master its a bit diferent.
  11. If you do not give more details of what you intend to do we can not help you. If you want to connect the client to a server on your own pc you must follow all the steps of the wiki.
  12. HannibalRoG

    TrinityCore Extracting

    @CDawg sorry, what its an OP.
  13. HannibalRoG

    TrinityCore Extracting

    If you follow all steep here https://www.trinitycore.info/ you must be able to run the server without major problems, assuming you have an unmodified client and using the tools compiled with the server. Just follow the instructions and you will not have problems.
  14. HannibalRoG

    TrinityCore Extracting

    Maybe here you can download full client https://www.dkpminus.com/blog/wow-3-3-5a-download-wrath-of-the-lich-king-client/
  15. HannibalRoG

    TrinityCore Extracting

    @Chrisseria2520 As long as you do not use the original client without any modification and the tools that are compiled with the core you will still have problems extracting the datas and running the server BTW who is dedicated to giving bad reputation in the post where it is trying to help people? Poor unfortunate.