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  1. is your local and external addresses set in realmlist table?
  2. is portal patchlist and realm list set to the correct ip in config wtf. also is your realmlist table pointed to the correct ip and build version in your db?
  3. Are the needed dlls with it on the pc you are trying to use it on? Also try running as administrator if you havent already. Also make sure you have correct bit 32/64 for your os. Also the patcher has worked for me on both 32bit and 64bit versions of windows 7 and windows 8
  4. When trying to connect with the updated configs i am unable to connect at all even on the server machine itself. The only changes i noticed in the configs are the following. LoginREST.PortLoginREST.ExternalAddressLoginREST.LocalAddress these are all set accordingly and I am still unable to connect. However if i use the old configs I can connect and play on the server machine but not over the lan. All ports are forwarded including now 8081. Also the dmz is enabled on the server machine but still no dice over the lan. In the realmlist table address is my wan ip local address is my
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