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  1. @Aokromes I had found that link but the information didn't make sense to me. Are there any examples that I could use to help me figure it out?
  2. I want to promote someone to GM 2 so that they can have access to most commands, but not all. However the commands available aren't quite enough for what we need for his role as a GM. How do I enable a command to be available for him to use? i.e. additem and level
  3. Is there seriously zero advice on this question? I will just keep rebuilding the server every time I guess.
  4. I agree. I'm sorry, was my question unclear @Aokromes?
  5. Every week or two I shut down my server and try to update it to the latest build. This is what I do. cd /home/trinity/TrinityCore git pull origin 3.3.5 cd build cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/trinity/server make -j $(nproc) install These are the assumed update instructions given by the Linux Core Installation manual. But every time I do it, it fails to compile. Can someone provide the correct method that I should use to update the server?
  6. When I'm walking through town, if i get close enough to a city guard in stormwind they stop and salute or cheer for me. I'm not sure why this is.
  7. I decided to scrap the remote Ubuntu server, at least for the purposes of running TrinityCore - performance became an issue and was laggy. I really enjoyed ubuntu on the remote server so I decided to wipe Windows OS from my home server and use ubuntu instead. I love it! However, @Minyat i tried to get Supervisor running and it simply wouldn't work which was a big disappointment. I troubleshooted the issue for hours. So I am back to using tmux in the mean time. @velinath I took a look at the scripts you mentioned but I already have my server built on my new setup and didn't want
  8. Wow that was WAY easy. Thank you for the recommendation! Here is essentially what I did to install it and configure it. apt install supervisor cd /etc/supervisor/ nano supervisord.conf Below are the default contents of supervisord.conf. Minimal changes were necessary. I opted to try out the web interface and it was a breeze to configure by just removing the comment marks and changing the username and password to what I wanted. [unix_http_server] file=/tmp/supervisor.sock ; the path to the socket file chmod=0700 ; socket
  9. I messed around for a while with finding some commands that allow you to detach from processes that are running in terminal. The first I found was `screen` which lets you run the auth server and the world server inside containers that you can detach from and continue working with other commands. The problem with this is that if you're connecting with SSH or a remote desktop connection to your linux machine, as soon as you disconnect it will close your screen sessions. Screen Examples: screen -AdmS authserver /the/full/path/to/authserver <- loads the authserver program into a
  10. I just recently decided to rent a remote Ubuntu server for a variety of reasons, one of which was to migrate my 3.3.5 server from an at home Windows machine. I thought it would be nice to not have to maintain a computer at my house anymore. So I'm looking around for ways to control the server remotely, either through a CMS portal, or running the world and auth servers as a service that is started automatically with the system, something that can be controlled either through SSH or RA or other remote methods. I found this post which details how to install pre-compiled versions of the cor
  11. There is now a new error upon starting up the authserver and worldserver: The code execution cannot proceed because libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. Found the required dll in my "C:\OpenSSL\bin" directory -- Helps to consult the rest of the Windows Core Installation guide.
  12. Yep. Thank you. Build completed just fine. I didn't know CMake stored configuration files in the build folder but in retrospect it makes sense.
  13. I see these error during build: > 13>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'C:\OpenSSL\lib\VC\ssleay32MD.lib' > 13>Done building project "mapextractor.vcxproj" -- FAILED > 14>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'C:\OpenSSL\lib\VC\ssleay32MD.lib' > 14>Done building project "mmaps_generator.vcxproj" -- FAILED > 15>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'C:\OpenSSL\lib\VC\ssleay32MD.lib' > 15>Done building project "vmap4assembler.vcxproj" -- FAILED > 16>LINK : fatal error LNK1181:
  14. Is this just access to your own private server or do you gate access to your own fork of TC 3.3.5 with working bots?
  15. Could someone please point out to me which worldserver properties directly influence creature respawn rates?
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