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  1. thanx to all. but I decided to use my old mngs-tc hybrid fork. i can't run bfa on debain - that so sad. latest success compile was at 1 jan 2018
  2. Thnx! In wiki reqirements OpenSSL ≥ 1.0.x so I can’t understand how this works for you with version 1.1.1d
  3. fresh debian 10 + requirements from wiki = 25% build target bnetserver Error 2 on BFA What's wrong?
  4. i tried to install bfa on debian, but can't. Debian VM on vbox config -- https://pastebin.com/nRXiKChf use clang for making bin install script -- https://pastebin.com/YGuGRGDn compile log of install script -- https://pastebin.com/muqPs48q what wrong? Help me if You can. wotlk and cata compiling normally,
  5. Branch!STRING:0|Active!DEC:1|Build Key!HEX:16|CDN Key!HEX:16|Install Key!HEX:16|IM Size!DEC:4|CDN Path!STRING:0|CDN Hosts!STRING:0|CDN Servers!STRING:0|Tags!STRING:0|Armadillo!STRING:0|Last Activated!STRING:0|Version!STRING:0|BGDL Key!HEX:16|Build Complete!DEC:1 eu|1|3b0517b51edbe0b96f6ac5ea7eaaed38|64e6e44eb15ad72b16d58546a6bf38e5|3efa9ac54fa0cf65dd2dccadfa8bc443||tpr/wow|blzddist1-a.akamaihd.net level3.blizzard.com edgecast.blizzard.com|http://blzddist1-a.akamaihd.net http://level3.blizzard.com https://blzddist1-a.akamaihd.net/?fallback%3d1 http://edgecast.blizzard.com|Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? deDE text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? enUS speech?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? enUS text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? esES text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? esMX text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? frFR text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? itIT text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? koKR text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? ptBR text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? ruRU text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? zhCN text?:Windows x86_32 x86_64 EU? zhTW text?||2018-07-04T17:46:25Z||e8f3d86ab313c4bdf5cf4f5daea32477|1 .build.info --> http://rgho.st/7RDJBjdYr from latest release date client 735 .build.info
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