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  1. Hello. I have a question related to the state of artifacts in master repo. I can add using additem command the artifacts, but when I right click them I get the interface showing the I have not yet discovered the true power of the artifact. is there anything I can do to unlock the interface? Thank you.
  2. Hello and I apologize if this has already been answered. I just installed a fresh 7.3.5 trinityCore and everything is fine, i can connect usi g latest 7.3.5 client but there are like 20k+ DB errors. Is this normal or is my DB install messed? Thanks.
  3. Try installing the latest MySQL version?
  4. TrinityCore Rev: 11484+ Release Hash: 489e62943788+ (Unix, little-endian) Online players: 563 (max: 614) Active connections: 572 (max: 622) Queued connections: 0 (max: 0) Server uptime: 2 Day(s) 16 Hour(s) 56 Minute(s) 33 Second(s). Update time diff: 46. No custom patches at all! debian 6.0 x64 distro, TC seems very very stable with this revision.
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