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  1. You probably want to use the console to create accounts rather than trying to do it manually. ### USAGE: .account create <name> <password> [<email>] Creates a new account with the specified password and email (if specified).
  2. To be honest, that's a pretty shitty attitude to have in a community that is literally open source from the ground up. You would think that something like an armory for TC would exist that everyone can agree on, and not have this "every man for himself" mindset.
  3. Yeah...I meant 3. I agree, but not yet anyway, not while the core still relies on it. See "rbac_default_permissions" which defines the rbac_permissions based on access level.
  4. This is wrong. If you dumped the auth database, and rebuilt it using source/sql/base, you do *not* need to apply updates. Check rbac_linked_permissions and see what permissions are linked to permission 196. Also make sure your account is listed as "level 3" in trinity.account_access.
  5. If you're getting those as a result of a DB update, it's because they have already been removed (i.e., you're applying updates incorrectly). Those tables, along with a handful of others, were removed. RBAC was essentially condensed to 4 tables. Take a look at the documentation for more info. As far as your GM commands are concerned, you need to add the appropriate accounts to rbac_account_permissions (specifically, for admin access, your account and permission 196, 197 for GM, 198 for mod, etc). Alternatively you can use the .rbac account grant console command. [.rbac account grant acctid 196] Then take a look at your rbac_linked_permissions to see what each of those roles (permissions with other permissions assigned to them) has. To see all the "default" roles, just filter this table with keyword "role".
  6. They are probably going to throw out my commit; seems it was too much "whitespace nazism"
  7. Highly recommend you do not start your use of TC with the 434 branch. The 434 branch is not for inexperienced users and inherently comes with its own set of difficulties which TC expects you to be capable of figuring out on your own, thus 434 is generally not supported (as in, we don't address issues with this branch because of the previous reason). Your database does not reflect the required structure necessary for the revision of core you are using. This could be one of several reasons: 434 is not synced with the master repo, in which case some changes are not yet reflected, making it impossible to run 434 using the most recent commit. In this case, you should determine the last revision at which 434 TDB was released, and then compile using that revision. You can then safely start the core without issues (keeping in mind that you need not apply updates, you only need TDB[434]) you incorrectly applied 434 DB updates. Follow the guide verbatim and this will not happen TC provides a very clear disclaimer on the 434 guides. Please bear this in mind, and expect things to go wrong.
  8. There's really no reason to dismantle the whole of wiki and reorganize it according to the tastes of one or two people. We can argue what "looks better" or is "better for the user" all day, but the wiki already does a pretty good job of doing what it's intended to do. As far as the instructional guides go, the only thing that really needs to happen is revision to ensure the steps are up to date. As of now, that's already being done, although not as consistently as it probably needs to be. Splitting up the instructional guides would only really be fruitful if the guides were redone in such a way that, for example, things that are the same across operating systems (like dealing with the database and importing updates -- TC should take the stance that mySQL CLI is the one and only way to correctly do this) can be lumped together. You don't need a separate page for windows and linux when the process is virtually the same (or should be). GUI should be taboo in this portion of the installation guide because it does nothing but cause problems and should be beyong the scope of the guide. Long story short: let's not reinvent the wheel. Instead, let's spend more time revising and cleaning up what is already there. It's obvious there are ten different opinions on how the guides *should* be done, but let's approach it from the standpoint that the way it was done originally is the way it should stay, save improving what's there.
  9. It's not without its perks. However, I personally noticed that you took it upon yourself to "remove" certain things, like the RSS feeds. Deletions like this should only be done with communal support, not based on personal opinion. Editing by the community can be a good thing, but I agree with Kingpin's decision to limit editing to certain groups (at least on certain pages), as before anyone could make changes which may or may not be accurate.
  10. Why would you get MySQL from a repack? Why not just download and install MySQL from the MySQL website? Or as part of XAMPP? Repacks should never be used for anything. Ever.
  11. TC does not provide support to repacks. Clone and compile the source at http://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore for best results.
  12. Create a batch file in the folder your binaries are contained in, and use this: @ECHO OFF CLS ECHO Authserver Restarter :1 start "Auth Server" /B /MIN /WAIT authserver.exe -c authserver.conf pause goto 1 Alternatively, you can navigate to the same folder, shift+right-click ->Open command window here (make sure nothing is selected). Then just execute the authserver from command line, and the window will stay active even if the process halts.
  13. Try using this structure. http://pastebin.com/gkKmLCfY
  14. http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/How-to_Linux
  15. And it was 1.0.1e and not 1.0.1e Light? Btw, assuming you're using windows -- C:OpenSSL-Win32. The readme should yield the version you're using.
  16. What version of OpenSSL are you using? You should read the stickies before posting. This is similar to a post a user made just a few days ago. http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/9027-server-dont-compile/
  17. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14590947/cmake-configuring-fails-cl-exe-is-not-able-to-compile-a-simple-test-program
  18. Hi. 434 is not currently being supported in this forum. You're welcome to search existing topics (and there are many with the exact same problem as you). Start here: http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/1518-trouble-with-your-trinity-install-readme-1st-faqs/#entry42704 434 is development and is provided as is, with only the guides that have already been published. If this is not sufficient, then you should not attempt 434 (at least not right now).
  19. You have all the relevant SQLs if you cloned the repo. Why not search (or grep) for the table in question?
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