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[SOLVED]Sniffing Explanation(Sitcky)

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Can you place a sticky here detailing what sniffing captures, how you can use it, and how we can commence sniffing tasks for you?

I.E. does it show you npc locations and the like, allowing you easy implementation of their locations and what they accomplish, (quests and such)?


I can't find the tut, which I assume to exist, anywhere. My retail is frozen but if areas up to lvl 20 are in need of some form of sniffing, I can always manage a starter edition account.

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Sniffing records everything sent between the client and the server (see Opcodes.h)

There's a sticky already saying how to use the sniffer here.

Atm we don't need anything from sniffs however any sniff will be useful eventually.

You can upload the .pkt files somewhere and put the link in http://community.trinitycore.org/forum/13-wdbadbsniffs/

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