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"mmaps_generator.exe has stopped working" issue


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Good morning everyone,

My pc:

Core 2 duo 3ghz, 3gb of Ram, Windows 7 64bit

I followed the guide, imported the all the databases to mysql server 5.5.53, but I am stuck with extractors.

I didn't find the needed files like dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps, so I downloaded them from 


Since the first attempt to extract it, it didn't work and I am receiving the following error "maps_generator.exe has stopped working" few seconds after start the 3th process.

Can someone help me with this issue?

Thank you very much




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First and foremost look at the date on the file.
You do realize the core is like living code right? constantly evolving.
How could you expect an extractor / builder from almost a year ago to work with today's core?

Also is this for a repack ?
Main Thing I can say is  Dont use repacks,
    For starts you don't know what kind of code is in the exes it could be malicious.
    And you have no idea how old it is 
    TC doesnt support repacks. So you would get no support for bugs not to mention it may not be a bug in True source code.
    Also how do you fix problems if all you have is the exes or exes and dlls if dynamic build? In a way this is undermining the very reason for TC because someone is spoon feeding you.
    Not to mention you would be taking without giving back ( even feedback )
If this is not for a repack ignore the above  -.0

If you are using repack, Why not try building your own core. its not hard and TrinityCore has the process fully or mostly documented 

Why didn't you compile the tools yourself? its not hard process. Pull source run cmake/ run your compiler and walaa theres your tools with no adware, spyware, or malicious code.
Not to mention you learn how to build your core.
Which is what TrinityCore is about. Learning.

Core 2 duo 3ghz, 3gb of Ram, Windows 7 64bit

Pushing it a little close aren't you I would think you need at least 4 gigs ram to run the tools optimally  To me it sounds like you are running out of ram imho. 

I would be willing to bet you do not have the system resources to build your mmaps.
Mmap building is a resource hog when your specs are as mentioned.
Sorry for the wall of words post but i do hope it helps you out as far as to where to start looking to try to get your mmaps tool / and working

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@Lorac: I can comment on the RAM usage on Linux systems. I'm currently testing a script to generate the maps and package them in a nice little zip file for me. I'm running the extraction tools on a LXC container with 2 GBs of RAM and 2 cores.

Works like a charm! :-)

@Flavia: If you really have difficulties compiling the server, you can always try reading:

The main topic is Debian packaged versions, but Nay linked pre-built Windows binaries.

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