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  1. First and foremost look at the date on the file. You do realize the core is like living code right? constantly evolving. How could you expect an extractor / builder from almost a year ago to work with today's core? Also is this for a repack ? Main Thing I can say is Dont use repacks, For starts you don't know what kind of code is in the exes it could be malicious. And you have no idea how old it is TC doesnt support repacks. So you would get no support for bugs not to mention it may not be a bug in True source code. Also how do you fix problems if all you hav
  2. Did you try running installer with admin rights? I personally used http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/installer/5.6.html and the offline installer it should already be set for 5.6.32 As you can see 5.6.32 does run on windows 10 anniversary edition Just use the offline installer and you "should" be fine
  3. The issue seems to be related to commit: bb93816b5c7b9a1936fb50d654e49b3d47482f39 Core/PacketIO: Minor refactor in Opcode definitions, packet class type no longer needs to be defined manually, it is now inferred from handler argument As soon as i reverted that commit and replaced the newly extracted data with the old extracted data core launched just fine (note) I only reverted to find the commit that broke the db2 compatibility I am now studying the code and trying to fix the issue caused by the commit Edited Nvm Shauran committed a fix this morning don't revert any
  4. You really do not want 5.7 due to many security issues For starts there is a backdoor right into your sql server that anyone with any knowledge of it can exploit which is not just limited to your sql server but actual access to all data one of the newer things is SSL issues that allows intelligence agencies into your system. It seems they plug one hole and open an other with the patch to plug the previous issue Then we go to the performance ... we wont mention all the issues there Please dont rush to move your core over to 5.7 you are asking for big issues because 5.7 is a mess and
  5. I will be watching also to see response as Hotfixes are a bit of an unknown for me @FreddyLIE Sorry I was away to long to provide you help But i see you got a bit of it sorted Ok yes SET @CGUID 12345 and SET @OGUID 12345 tell where to start with the batch into your creature and object tables Without this it would just write over what you have in your spawns Putting the guids up say 10000 past last spawn gives you room to work and apply new spawns from TC Generally this is what i do when testing a fix but i keep the sql so i can delete or remove so im back to a fresh TD
  6. To me it looks like a database issue It looks like the table it calls after >> Loaded 19670 gameobject_template_locale strings in 1906 ms is what is causing your crash Sorry I dont work with 4.3.4 so I dont have a log for 4.3.4 to point you in the right direction Please enable your Dberror logging and launch core... it will point the issue out to you if it is db related and if the 4.3.4 has a solid dberror logging system I hope this has helped you Good luck KyanagaCloud
  7. Question is what is your computers default input output language? This MIGHT be your conflict as your char set may be different and could render SQL improperly Also you also may want to check your charset on your db and make sure it is utf8 This is all i can come up as to possible issues.. I hope this points you to the issue :-) Ill try to replicate the issue and if I can Ill know what your error is. What is your native language so i can set my pc to it? and try to parse
  8. Yes wow is made by hundreds of people. Not to mention the Hours days years ... How many expansions are there now and how many patches to the expansions? You act like its like no big deal and people can just whip up a new client like its nothing. I am sorry but unfortunately there's some serious issues in your request. 1. To write a whole new opensource client for an existing game is how do I put it nicely ... nuts. 2. We do not have a Viable decompiled client. 3 We do not have the man power blizzard does. 4. Its not just the client that is protected by copy write. 5. There i
  9. Well here's what you are asking for. 1. What is your revision information? 2. What is your host computer os? 3. What db revision are you using? 4. Did you compile the core or is it a repack? This is not a troll but as far as we know you could be using a week old core with tdb 6.0.2 or something hard to help you when you give very little information. All variables mentioned above can impact your situation and solution please dont come to the forums because you dont want to post a bug report in the standards that TC bug tracker has. There's a reason the devs require this
  10. try googling what is my ip address and put that for your LoginREST.ExternalAddress ip address im at a loss for other ideas on why its not logging into bnet
  11. make sure your LoginREST.ExternalAddress= points to your real ip address not your internal router ip address to get that just type whats my ip address in your search box on browser
  12. @Nay What confuses me is his server log ends when it loads vmaps (maybe corrupt data directory or maybe that's where the setting is wrong? ) this tells me to start looking for errors @ 1. configs or 2. the data for core Crashlogs arnt always direct when it comes to the error sometimes an other error cause makes something else go wrong in the system @Todd Did you try extracting all the data again if so try disabling vmaps and mmaps and launch worldserver and see if it crashes again. if it doesn't you have a corrupt vmap or mmap directory try extracting those. If the crash persists
  13. If you look at cmake you will see an option "with dynamic linking" make sure it is unchecked to build it as the old core where its 2 core bins and your configs and tool bins by placing the check in place it splits the systems into separate dlls which is nice to have when you are constantly changing things and debugging Delete everything in your build directory and rerun cmake if you have the check in the dynamic linking try removing the check mark and rebuilding the tools that way and see if its any better i really think this is your issue your having with patching on systems you didnt
  14. You can disable wotlk expansion and make it a bc server via your worldserver config I dont have 3.3.5a but i know there is a setting just like this in your worldserver config # Expansion # Description: Allow server to use content from expansions. Checks for expansion-related # map files, client compatibility and class/race character creation. # Default: 5 - (Expansion 5) # 4 - (Expansion 4) # 3 - (Expansion 3) # 2 - (Expansion 2) # 1 - (Expansion 1) #
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