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  1. FreddyLIE

    3.3.5a Connection Issues From Outside Networks

    Did you try using your public ip instead of no-ip adress ? Some time there is a dns problem with no-ip.
  2. FreddyLIE

    3.3.5a Connection Issues From Outside Networks

    Are you using your public ip or using something like no-ip dynDNS?
  3. FreddyLIE

    3.3.5a Connection Issues From Outside Networks

    bnetserver.conf -> is the external ip to worldserver correct? 6.x ? Port 8086 need to be forwarded: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Networking -FreddyLIE
  4. FreddyLIE

    [6.X] Dreanor Spawns & Sniffer Questions

    I dont know. I hope someone can help us. - Freddy G.
  5. FreddyLIE

    [6.X] Dreanor Spawns & Sniffer Questions

    I got the @CGUID thing to work. This is a Variable, its need to be set at the beginning. Look in your Database for the highest guid to set this Variable. For example your highest guid is 5999999 you set "@CGUID" to 6000000... At the top of the SQL file the variable need to be set for example like this: SET @CGUID := 6000000; With this line the other lines will be calculated automatically: @CGUID+1 = 6000001 @CGUID+2 = 6000002 @CGUID+3 = 6000003 [...] But there is a Problem/Bug The apostrophes need to be removed in each line: Change every line from this: ('@CGUID+0', 88999, 1116 ... ('@CGUID+1', 88999, 1116 ... ('@CGUID+2', 88999, 1116 ... To this (no apostrophes around variable): (@CGUID+0, 88999, 1116 ... (@CGUID+1, 88999, 1116 ... (@CGUID+2, 88999, 1116 ... My Fixed Test-SQL file in attachments (Some Spawns in south Gorgrond, see my last post) - Freddy G. 2016_06_12_13_29_06_21742_2016-06-12_12-57-25_176A7C80.pkt.sql
  6. FreddyLIE

    [6.X] Dreanor Spawns & Sniffer Questions

    Little update. I think it is my compiled Parser... I downloaded the Release "Nightly build" from the bottom of this page: https://github.com/TrinityCore/WowPacketParser And i put my Config in it. And now i get working results. The area i was sniffing is now Spawned. Some of the NPC got waypoints and moving correct... not bad. Even the Flypoint NPC is working. Now i got a other question The "guid" column in the SQL file got these entries "@CGUID+0", "@CGUID+1", "@CGUID+2" [...]. How can i automatically fill this to match my DB after the last guid to count on? For testing i replaced "@CGUID+" -> "5000". The table "creature_template_addon" in the output is filled with "UNKNOWN" and gives me errors. What to do with this? I put my SQL in the attachments The spawns are in Gorgrond south. I walked from south Gorgrond "Beastwatch" to north to the Flypoint "Breaker's Crown, Gorgrond". And the Fly point NPC at "Breaker's Crown, Gorgrond" is working :-) - Freddy G. 2016_06_12_13_29_06_21742_2016-06-12_12-57-25_176A7C80.pkt.sql
  7. FreddyLIE

    [6.X] Dreanor Spawns & Sniffer Questions

    Thats a good point. I was thinking the same. But i Switches only the Game client language. After i saw the column "name" with this weird UTF-8 stuff i switched my Game client to English. With the same output. I tried with x64 and x32 client and with both x64 and x32 sniffer and i tried crossing them -> x64 client with x32 sniffer. When i Open the SQL file with Notepad++ i tryed to convert the file to ANSI, UTF8, [..] My Windows is German. My WoW is English. The Databases are in UTF-8. Can a wrong charset/system language explain these big numbers in the columns "rank", "family", "type" ? And what tables i need to config to "true" in the Packet Parser to get only the Spawns? I dont want Quests, Items ... i just want to export the Creature spawns. All i get from the Parser is the Table "creature_template" is this the right table? - FreddyLIE
  8. Hello, (sorry for bad english) i was trying out the 6.X Core and there was no Spawns in Dreanor. So i want to Sniff them from Live and add them my Self. If i manage to get it to work i will share my Work. I need some help. Im complete new to sniffing/parsing. And the last time i was setting up a Privatserver is some years ago. Some month ago i made my degree in Software dev. so i got "some" C# & SQL knowledge. Im compiling the Core and Parser myself. My sniffing attemps I was walking around in Dreanor/Gorgrond for testing to get some spawns. I got a 2MB .pkt Package and try to parse the creatures and i got some data out that looks not correct to me. - The names of the creatures not working, looks like some utf-8 problem. - The data dont look correct, and dont match the TDB tables. for example: [...] modelid1=32784, modelid2=117440512, name='�', rank=1852130080, family=1851877746, type=1866932324 [...] The parsed SQL is producing errors like this: Out of range value for column 'modelid2' at row 1 Out of range value for column 'rank' at row 1 Out of range value for column 'family' at row 1 [...] Can you help me getting this to work? See attachments. - FreddyLIE WowPacketParser.exe.config 2016_06_10_22_33_04_21742_2016-06-10_19-55-38_0E9CA614.pkt.sql 2016_06_10_22_33_02_log.txt