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GCC 4.9 / Visual Studio 2015 End Of Life


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Since we are targeting C++14 compilers, GCC 4.9 and Visual Studio 2015 will become unsupported 1 month after the release of Debian 9.

We give this warning to allow people to ready their systems with enough time to update (it's very likely Debian 9 will be shipped on 2nd quarter 2017).

(Visual Studio 2017 release date is March 7)

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In order to support C++14 properly the required compiler versions of both branches since b9b667f92 are:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • GCC 6.3 (current stable version of Debian 9)
  • Clang 3.9 (current stable version of Debian 9 - might work with earlier versions)
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