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Pull Request Implementation


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As far as I know you have to do it all manual unless I have been doing this work for nothing but anything good you have to do a lot of work to get something great out of it. Just like what you want out of life you only get what you put into life what you get back. Though I do have an application I made that makes this process a lot smoother which takes each file and changes what is in the core over a smooth transition to the commit or request. I will send you the application.

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If you dont mind updating your core in the process with the fork's TC version that the pull request is made for then you can just do git pull <the fork address> <branch name>
If you only want the pull request contents, then you can download it as a diff by appending ".diff" to the end of the pull request URL in github.
Same for patch.
The patch would be the same as doing a cherry-pick in a way I guess if you apply it with git am < file.patch

There are many other ways  to go about doing this.
For example you could make a cherry-pick of the commits that are pull requested. (fetch the pull request repository and then do a cherry-pick firstCommitHash^...LastCommitHash)


It seems you can also try reference the pull request repository through TC repository as seen here:
git fetch origin pull/PRID/head:BRANCHNAME
origin is assumed to be trinitycore repository.

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