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Error assertion failed


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Hello, when I try to start my realm I got this

Loading Warden Action Overrides...
Deleting expired bans...
Calculate next daily quest reset time...
Calculate next weekly quest reset time...
Calculate next monthly quest reset time...
Calculate random battleground reset time...
Calculate guild limitation(s) reset time...
World initialized in 0 minutes 15 seconds
TC>TC>Couldn't bind to

/home/Lici/ElunaTrinityWotlk/src/server/shared/Networking/SocketMgr.h:35 in ~SocketMgr ASSERTION FAILED:
  !_threads && !_acceptor && !_threadCount StopNetwork must be called prior to SocketMgr destruction
Segmentation fault


But I don't know why, I just change a line in ObjectMgr.cpp : itemTemplate.ItemStat.ItemStatValue = int32(fields[29 + i*2].GetInt16());

to itemTemplate.ItemStat.ItemStatValue = int32(fields[29 + i*2].GetInt32());

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