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World of Warcraft Classic


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With the news of Blizzard bringing back "WoW: Classic" how do you guys see this affecting the private server community?

If Blizzard re-releases their expansion content back up to WOTLK, will that help or harm the efforts of the development of this core?

Is there a possibility of creating an entirely new core based on the inevitable quality of life improvements Blizzard will bring back to classic wow?

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I cannot find Coke Classic in the store anywhere.

IMHO, I cannot imagine the retail player base wanting to loot classically or any of the other hundreds of lifestyle enhancements that exist today. People say they want to play "vanilla" and then they create an account - login and never log back in. They are lucky to make it through Silverpines before /quit. It's a serious grind to get to 60, and then you are only 25% done with your character. The classic world will have LFG/LFR? Old UBRS/Strat? 40 man MC? These sound like positive things, but the marketplace is much different than the hype. I guess lastly, a lot of hype about "vanilla" from on social media is likely just hype or fake, its always something to throw stones at Blizzard.

Remember that when commercial goldsellers were somewhat exposed on private servers and the amount of income the sellers was found out, this was a strong indication of how much money Blizzard is leaving on the table. I can imagine that they are exploring recovering that to a degree. A level 60 sandbox, like guilds that do the same thing in retail now (although with the modern talents, spells, stats, etc) ... seems like it might have an appeal.

I would think the bulk of the retail players that actually want that experience (but not the harshness) almost want to scale my existing retail character into a "time walking" mode that emulated "classic" (scaling and spell translations) than actually deal with the grind itself. I have joined servers, leveled vanilla to 60 (most entirely of that is solo ... and such poor bags) and it was just as dreadful as it as years ago.

Wow (like most MMO) is about the people you play together with and or the metagames that you can enjoy inside/with the game. Emu is for many people, a metagame, in that respect I don't think it misses a beat.

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Honestly, I think it will be a positive outcome.
 @Ibeatdungeon, you have to take into consideration, that most players expect the hard grind, including the lack of new features such as, LFD, LFR, old quests you have to look up on "Thottbot", like back in the days. Blizz is (hopefully) giving the players that same feel.

The population may slowly fade. But,... you will still have loyalists that just pay. Remember, it isn't about the content.. It's about the community that develops around it. Not to mention, people that have never experienced classic will bitch about missing features that they are accustomed to today's wow. But they will be slammed down by the loyalists to keep it the way it is.

Blizz will have to launch a new client with new graphics, etc. It all depends on the outcome and I'm excited to see that very outcome play out.

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