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  1. Hi guys! I'm thinking to reopen my private server for my friends... I was thinking of Vanilla this time to enjoy and try original mechanics (speed stronger vs certain enemies, some abilities not working on undead etc...). But the issue would be raid, 40 players were insane. Probably we would be like 10-15 players. So I would need to balance RAID and make it doable in 10-15 players. IS there any way in the config file to change npc in a specific instance?
  2. Thanks, I'm tempted to try 4.3.4. Can you say it is stable?
  3. I’m exited as well. Having classic with updated GTX and client would be very cool the impossible dream would be having a mod/expansion with High Elf with alliance and goblins for horde without the blood elf story mess.
  4. Hi all! I left the scene and closed my private server about 1 year ago. At the time 3.3.5 server was quite stable and feature full. But other expansions were still unusable. Sometimes I check github for some fixes, but I don’t have the entire picture. how is going dev in Trinity land? Any consistent progress? i would love to reopen my server now I have optical fiber at home, with 20x upload than before. Anyway my friends want to play Cataclysm at least.
  5. Hi all! I'm getting crazy trying to run 6.x server (6.2.4) Server (OS X) is running, bnetserver and worldserver seems ok, port forwarding and ip seems ok, i've patched the executable and edited config.wtf If i run the client from the server itself or from another Mac the client crash after clicking connect. I've read there are issue with connection_patcher, anyone with a Mac can confirm or deny it? Any hint?
  6. Any problem di 6.2.4 and OS X? The client seems to crash at login
  7. Compiled 6.x tonight but i have the same issue, i was using 3.3.5 before but this is a fresh DB. Any hint?
  8. Hi all, i'm searching for a way to export characters from official server and import in Trinity core but i had no luck. There is an italian server which let you to download an add-on called "saveme" to export a lua file with a character dump. So you can export your characters in 3.3.5 for example and import in their 5.4.1 server. I'm wondering now if there is a way to do that on official server, export characters data and import it in Trinity Core 6.x
  9. OK maybe i will try with a virtual machine in the next weeks. I just fear 6.x will be much more bugged compared to 3.3.5.
  10. Hi guys, any hint how to update my private server from 3.3.5 to 6.x version without loosing anything? I mean, i don't think a simple recompile will make the Db update themselves and migrate everything. Right? I'm also interested to know experienced you had with 6.x so far, is it stable, playable? 3.3.5 even with many bugs in dungeon, raid and quest is pretty complete, stable and awesome!
  11. I got this error when i try to run worlserver DBUpdater: Given source directory /Users/ikirserver/Downloads/TrinityCore does not exist, skipped! But it should not search there for sql updates since in worldconfig i have this: # # Updates.SourcePath # Description: The path to your TrinityCore source directory. # If the path is left empty, built-in CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR is used. # Example: "../TrinityCore" # Default: "" Updates.SourcePath = "/Applications/TrinityCore" Any idea? Also have anyone tried to update to 6.x? How can we keep all the date when updating to 6.x version?
  12. OK thanks i extracted vmaps files and, assembled them. I have in my data dir: -Buildings -dbc -maps -mmaps -vmaps Is it right? Do i have too much folders? UPDATE: i think TrinityCore use vmaps and mmaps folder only, so i should delete the others. Am i right?
  13. I've read FAQ thread but it is not clear to me how to use vmaps. Can someone write here what are the correct steps? Thanks
  14. In my OS X server installation i extracted with this command /Applications/TrinityCore/bin/mapextractor -f 0 -i /Applications/World\ of\ Warcraft -o /Applications/TrinityCore/bin/ No i'm using generator by simply running it. No idea with vmaps
  15. OK it is time to update MMAPS, but i can't remember the correct way to extract maps, update MMAPS and VMAPS. Any hint?
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