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  1. My guess work, From the snippet, we see that your DataDir is ./ and that $DataDir/mmaps worked fine, but $DataDir/vmaps didn't. From this I feel that the error that reads "VMap file './vmaps/000.vmtree' does not exist" is actually "VMap file './vmaps/000.vmtree' does not exist for the version of the extractor-worldserver combination. When making a version of tc (worldserver and tools), the extractor from the tools is made only for use with the world server (and vice versa). So make sure that the "I start of copy -> paste" is executing the extractors from the same compile you made your worldserver from. If you have some other extractor version laying around, make sure that isn't used .... this is a problem. I don't run windows, but i would expect to see authserver mapextractor mmaps_generator vmap4assembler vmap4extractor worldserver in your bin directory, I do not ... so this suggests to me you are running 'tools' from another version or at least that was not compiled with your worldserver Compile servers+tools, use the newly compiled tools to extract, populate the datadir ... fire up the database, copy the TDB, run the servers, profit.
  2. I am running 3.3.5 (12340) Intel on 10.12.6 (MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)), works at my native resolution fine in Fullscreen Windowed mode. What video setting do you use that won't go higher than 1024x768?
  3. Here is an example where the pool_template is modified, researching this technique may yield some level satisfaction. https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/983 refs: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130269/pool+pool https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130267/pool+template
  4. What language are you trying to use? Once you get the syntax down, anything will work. Just remember it's a SOAP RPC call and not an Ajax call. Here is a perl version of the php code essentially. #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use SOAP::Lite; # visit http://search.cpan.org/dist/SOAP-Lite/ or apt-get install libsoap-lite-perl my ($user, $pass) = ('gm', 'secret'); my $host = ''; my $cmd = $ARGV[0]; BEGIN { sub SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client::get_basic_credentials { return $user => $pass, } } my $soap = SOAP::Lite ->proxy($host) ->uri('urn:TC'); # trinitycore namespace # ->uri('urn:MaNGOS'); # mangos namespace my $rc = $soap->call('executeCommand', SOAP::Data->name('command')->value($cmd)); die $rc->faultstring if ($rc->fault); print $rc->result;
  5. I am also seeing the compile failure on master like the above user, ubuntu 16.10 https://pastebin.com/qm6g0NvE
  6. The ICC Buff here is what I was speaking to, +30% might just be too much when the numbers are in the billions. (zone in, get 73822, die). I would expect to see /eventtrace to show some of this (in addition to the elusive combat log). When I google 255 server stats, there is plenty of talk about dealing with silly numbers. But who knows what the patches are on this server as well. http://www.wowhead.com/spell=73822/hellscreams-warsong
  7. I don't know all the custom stuff that you have on your server nor any details on what causes the death, perhaps the ICC buff (+20%) causes some problem with the massive numbers you are pushing? This has to people a known issue for people that run 255 level servers (stats that are beyond variable limits, interpreted as NaN or zero?, aka death) I am not sure .cheat god will protect you from null health, I believe it only protects you from external damage. I have died plenty of times when the damage self-inflicted (from debuffs). The client event log should be, 'gained buff' 'has died' or similar if it's the ICC buff. I don't know how patches are supported for trinitycore issues, but check out the rules of the road and post one.
  8. So this works when you have a normal (level 80, no hacks) character? What does the combat log say you died of? This works fine for me, level 254 as well. create new character. .character level 80 .tele citadel zone in
  9. There are a myriad of ways to read this I will try and rephrase and you can clarify, but in the end you should make a github issue for this ... so in 335 current build, (seems unlikely though with 1.7 billion health) when you enter the raid portal in normal difficulty you are instantly killed (by what in the command log)? And this works any other way (such as when you are in an actual raid?) Is this raidid in use and you are continuing? My guess is that the first hallway event has spawned out of control with the traps being set off and the Deathbound Ward attacks are getting you in the NPC area, they do decent damage and effect the whole hallways and npc area all the way back to the portal inside the instance, since the DW's stack death can be ... but not instant death for me. Maybe .cheat god and investigate what is killing you, unless you are truly dying upon zoning in.
  10. Are you saying that master's auth database is backward compatible with 335? Otherwise, can you elaborate how the mixed world servers from 335 and master are not compatible with having 335 auth run on master's auth? For 335 and master, both the world cli and soap allow creation, deletion, modification of accounts, bnets, bans, mutes, otp. In the wow client side, soap and console, changing passwords, character customizations, etc all work. Population 'low/med/high' works. I don't see any sql errors or erroneous behavior. I can imagine at scale I could be missing something, I don't think I have reached over 100 client connections. If allowing 335 to use master's auth is not compatible, are you also saying that multiple 335 worlds cannot use a single 335 auth (obviously after the config realmid and the realmlist table is sorted out)?
  11. I run 335 & master out of the box in 'prod' like this essentially from a small gitlab ci / chef. in this example its two ip addresses for consistent ports, but it could be changed for port changes on a single address. This provides 335 and master on the same machine and 335 using the master auth. when a user with a different client logs in they will see incompatible for the other client-server version pair as would be expected. In the 'nonprod' i have the same scheme, different addresses, and the userbase sees those as ptr/dev which they cannot login into/create on. If something like this should be written up it would e my pleasure, i can revise it step by step and mark it up for confluence. These are my notes. *** TC *** tc builds - 335 (tc335) * world server is only running, auth and bnet are not * auth is provided by master * tc335 stack binds to (eg, *server.conf, BindIP = "", SOAP.IP = "") * worldserver.conf RealmID = 1 (needs to be in tc_master_auth.realmlist) - master (tcmaster) * auth, bnet, world servers are running * 335 support is provided * tcmaster stack binds to (eg, *server.conf, BindIP = "", SOAP.IP = "") * worldserver.conf RealmID = 2 (needs to be in tc_master_auth.realmlist) *** MYSQL *** mysql> show databases; +----------------------+ | Database | +----------------------+ | information_schema | | tc_335_auth | <-- not used | tc_335_characters | | tc_335_world | | tc_master_auth | | tc_master_characters | | tc_master_hotfixes | | tc_master_world | <- dual realm (335 + master, realmid= #) +----------------------+ 8 rows in set (0.08 sec) mysql> select id,name,address,localaddress,localsubnetmask,port,gamebuild from tc_master_auth.realmlist; +----+----------+--------------+--------------+-----------------+------+-----------+ | id | name | address | localaddress | localsubnetmask | port | gamebuild | +----+----------+--------------+--------------+-----------------+------+-----------+ | 1 | tc335 | | | | 8085 | 12340 | | 2 | tcmaster | | | | 8085 | 23937 | +----+----------+--------------+--------------+-----------------+------+-----------+ 2 rows in set (0.00 sec)
  12. Curious, how are you on 23911 after scan repair, reinstall, or reformat, when retail is 23937? Here is the message your are encountering, I would suggest looking at the files or rights, are you still downloading by chance? https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/master/src/server/game/DataStores/GameTables.cpp#L148 I feel your issue, I am extracting from a 23937 build (rsynced to linux) and the client build is detecting 20365 below as well. If I was forced to guess, that versions isn't what we think it is. 20365 is WoD Era. I would overlook that and concentrate on the extract. + /home/wow/games/builds/tc/master/bin/mapextractor -l enUS TrinityCore rev. 7091e70eabfe 2017-04-21 19:11:11 +0200 (master branch) (Unix, Release, Static) (Map & DBC Extractor) <Ctrl-C> to stop. ______ __ /\__ _\ __ __/\ \__ \/_/\ \/ _ __ /\_\ ___ /\_\ \, _\ __ __ \ \ \/\`'__\/\ \ /' _ `\/\ \ \ \/ /\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \ \/ \ \ \/\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \_\ \ \_\ \ \ \_\ \_\ \ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \__\\/`____ \ \/_/\/_/ \/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/__/ `/___/> \ C O R E /\___/ http://TrinityCore.org \/__/ Opened casc storage '/home/wow/72/Data' Detected client build 20365 for locale enUS Extracting dbc/db2 files... locale enUS output path /home/wow/72/dbc/enUS Extracted 592 files ... Extract DKMountScenario (731/734) Extract RubySanctumDKMountScenario (732/734) Extract AkazamarakHatScenario (733/734) Extract LostGlacierDKMountScenario (734/734) Processing........................100%
  13. Sure, "things don't work correctly". I assume by "stable" (or unstable) that you were indicating that it crashed worlds or caused dataloss, etc. My quick notes, many are already issues on github and more. The main issue I have in the instance is trash glitches, they are boss intense with some configurations (with all spiders active they can basically freeze all players). The prince council is really difficult / impossible. the boss fights themselves seems solid, i cannot speak for their retail simulation accuracy, but they go through stages fluidly and give a good simulation. * there are explosions going off in the npc vendor room repeatedly, i think these are traps repeatedly going off in the first hallway. * the trash that fights the npcs don't not seem right, they also can chain pull the room (explosions) * spiders in the ceiling!!!! * spiders model scaling (and their web attack seems to scale to their size) * wrong trash configurations (compared to retail of today) * golems in the second room that are not activated by traps are aggroable. * trash traps in first corridore seem to trigger on npcs, so the traps auto fire ... two golems are out before entering and they aggro into the npc area * lord marrowgars's aggro radius is into the room before him. * second boss is clean and her trash mobs are as well, it seems like she emotes a diatribe after her aggro 'what is this intrusion!' * npcs before the gunship are not in a balanced fight and they dont chain aggro, nor all all the members on both sides in the fight against each other. * the dragon npc aggros before it should (while your near the elevator or during trash) * gunship backpack doesn't expire after fight * gunship seems solid, however 6-8 npcs roll over through the portal at once. should be 2 it seems from whenever i have done it. * gunship might not back and forth like it should (freeze, thaw) * combat doesn't end after event. * chest is always visible, but opens only after completion (and combat stops) * saurfang's chest is visible, but only opens after completion (and combat stops) * you are stuck in combat after the fight * a ton of his blood beast adds (7-8) spawn at once all around him, normally i think they come from behind him and not all at once. * trash on the stairway to plague is not pathing, they are stationary and not aggro linked .... but you pretty much pull everything when you touch the abominations. * precious doesn't spawn it's feeder adds * the valve on rotface/festergut are not interactive * the valve from rotface/festergut are not needed * the door to the professor is missing (that fills from the valves) * the bugs in the corridor event doesnt happen and isnt needed (there isnt a second door), there are some bugs there however. * the blood council rescue quest seems fine (30min), however the npc won't interact. * the blood council fight aggros too far away, while your fighting trash. i know in retail its around the ornamental ring, but it just inside the room. * the blood council aggro before they should and they hit like a ton of bricks. the fight doesnt seem right. * the blood council can easily kill your character even as god mode which is cute ... our might combined! * blood queen seems as annoying as retail * the hallway before the dreamwalker seems to chain aggro. * the npc at the end of the hallway drops gold in retail ... /me mind on money! * the dreamwalker quest fight works (hand in works at wyrmrest) * you can avoid the whole dreamwalker fight thing like in retail if your a sly dog (or rather a fast one) * the gate sometimes remains closed after success * the chest doesn't always seem to appear * the spider even doesn't happen * the gate after the spider event is open * sindragosa and friends are as annoying as one would think. * the dragons i think are already in place rather than arrive. * sindragosa lands below the castle and then engages, in retails she attacks from above with a huge hitbox * lich king is straight forward. * being locked on the platform after fight just like retail, never knew what that was about. * Shadowmourne npc group is downstairs after the lich king is killed, i don't believe i ever saw them outside the quest and post the quest.
  14. Why isn't the current 3.3.5 stable?
  15. It's likely that you won't be able to get TC to compile if travis-ci and friends cannot, especially if you are having the same issue ... which is currently the ActiveIconID when I look at appveyor's log. You too can do this when you visit https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore and check the bottom of the page at "build status". If your build fails and so does the automated build, it's worth checking out. Cheers