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[SOLVED][7.x]Can't Select Any Race


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As the title states, and before anyone asks, yes I'm using the default config because I thought it could be any of the things I did so I compiled a fresh one today and copied all the default everything's over.

Could there be something inside the database that could break this? Tried to select any other race and didn't work.

Using 26365 compiled about an hour ago as of this post.


Ok so I dropped the database data entirely figuring maybe I screwed up something but now my server log says:  (Despite the fact TDB is in the root folder and it's turned on in the config.)

>> File "ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ" is missing, download it from "https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/releases" uncompress it and place the file "ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ" in the directory "".
Could not populate the World database, see log for details.
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