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  1. Update: Not sure why or how but DB was screwed up and was silently failing data was missing in a table, feel free to toss this topic.
  2. As the title states, and before anyone asks, yes I'm using the default config because I thought it could be any of the things I did so I compiled a fresh one today and copied all the default everything's over. Could there be something inside the database that could break this? Tried to select any other race and didn't work. Using 26365 compiled about an hour ago as of this post. Ok so I dropped the database data entirely figuring maybe I screwed up something but now my server log says: (Despite the fact TDB is in the root folder and it's turned on in the config.)
  3. So for those of you running into this, I updated CMake and changed my .vcxproj file and added <PropertyGroup> <PreferredToolArchitecture>x64</PreferredToolArchitecture> </PropertyGroup> Beneath: <Import Project="$(VCTargetsPath)\Microsoft.Cpp.Default.props" /> Updating the cmake might have helped also, honestly I thought this was an OSSL issue but I double checked that I'm using x64-1.02.15.
  4. Really odd compile error, re-cmake-ed with updated SSL and mysql just in case, but getting this during compile for world server. Haven't seen linking errors before been doing this for a while, nothing's changed in environment lately, any clues? https://hastebin.com/akedubizod.vbs
  5. This actually poses a question on my part, I have a patched .24742 (which is what I believe TC is currently supporting) but a client that's 24974, and by client I mean I'm using a patched exe for version 24742 but my copy updated to 7.3 so my game files are 7.3 but the exe I'm using is I know it'll connect, but will I experience problems I wouldn't normally if I had an entire client at .24742, or is the supported patched binary good enough? (All server data files extracted from correct 24742 version.)
  6. Sirius


    Also keep in mind that if you have more than one key64 file for an older version, sometimes the sniffer uses it. Edit: If you've updated to a newer version remember to delete the old batch file. Don't just use the new sniffer/key. @Aokromes is correct I mis-worded this, edited.
  7. Check the log files that it makes upon running it, even if it closes right away all the info you need will be in there. Make sure the same dlls (libeay, libmysql, ssleay) that you used to compile are in the folder the server is in. If you've copied it to a folder outside the compile bin folder, you'll also need to move the .pem file.
  8. So I've got everything compiled correctly and running, but I'm getting "Unable to connect..." from the client. Double checked the ports, used canyouseeme.org and they're showing up good, made sure I set SET portal "" in the wtf file and then ran the 32 and 64 over the connection patcher for client 22995 (from fresh compile of commit a999c29a80eb62304cb63b6fba8372f2a0482f32) double and triple checked everything. I'm not seeing any hint of connection from the server but I'm using the patched binary. Sounds like it's all client-end but not sure from where. Solved: Just for S&G tried adding the bnet port I tied to the portal address in the wtf as such; ' SET Portal "ip:port" ' then ran the connection patcher again, solved the issue, hope that helps someone.
  9. @Nay You're right I've had mysql for other uses and didn't think I had to compile to x64 just because mysql was. But changed the references and reran cmake, compiled perfectly. Thanks.
  10. So I double and triple checked I was using the correct MySQL version; CMake reported no errors and generated the build fine. Here is the log I'm getting when I build http://pastebin.com/0zQ8TGZt building off master ( a999c29a80eb62304cb63b6fba8372f2a0482f32 ) I'm sure there's a way to increase the heap size, but I've tried disabling the optimization inside VS14 no luck. Not quite sure what the mysql issues are pointing to. Anyone else come across this before? Is it something on my end or just a revision can't be built yet for the master branch?
  11. Well I saw that there's supposed to be a hotfix database, there's 1 hotfix that adds to the wdb. So only the world DB needs updates run on it? The DB I downloaded from http://www.trinitycore.org/f/files/file/19-tdb-6-full/ <~ there is dated 10/19 so I would need all updates from 10_19_00/01 on? Edit: Emptied out the hotfix, world, and char databases. Ran a clean of wdb and char. Applied hotfixes to hot db and updates to world, same issue.
  12. Been getting one of those fun [1054] Unknown column 'guid' in 'where clause' ...type of errors. It so far only happens during a character deletion. I've tried it with the character database clean import from the git, also tried it with all the updates, and with only the last update. (A few updates don't work from last year, guessed they were old.) Exactly what is the current date of the character DB, and what are it's needed updates as of today's repo?
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