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It is likely that a blizzard will use SendPlaySpellVisualKit to send a visual effect. Or SendPlaySpellVisual for missile trajectrory.

And there is another version: Blizzard was fixed using hotfixes base, but was not touched in the client files.


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    • By arcaniafr
      i want implement lfg list but i want implement GroupFinderActivity.db2, GroupFinderActivityGrp.db2 and GroupFinderCategory.db2.
      After add structure, meta, loadinfo, the core start but i ve this error :
      thanks for help me :

      struct GroupFinderActivityEntry
          uint32       ID;
          LocalizedString* FullName;
          LocalizedString* ShortName;
          uint8       GroupFinderCategoryID;
          uint8       OrderIndex;
          uint16        GroupFinderActivityGrpID;
          uint8       MinLevel;
          uint8       MaxLevelSuggestion;
          uint32        Flags;
          uint16      MinGearLevelSuggestion;
          uint16      MapID;
          uint8       DifficultyID;
          uint16      AreaID;
          uint8       MaxPlayers;
          uint8       DisplayType;

      struct GroupFinderActivityMeta
          static DB2Meta const* Instance()
              static DB2MetaField const fields[14] =
                  { FT_STRING, 1, true },
                  { FT_STRING, 1, true },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, true },
                  { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_INT, 1, false },
                  { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
                  { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
              static DB2Meta instance(974813, -1, 14, 14, 0xB0090189, fields, -1);
              return &instance;

      struct GroupFinderActivityLoadInfo
          static DB2LoadInfo const* Instance()
              static DB2FieldMeta const fields[] =
                  { false, FT_INT, "ID" },
                  { false, FT_STRING, "FullName" },
                  { false, FT_STRING, "ShortName" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "GroupFinderCategoryID" },
                  { true, FT_BYTE, "OrderIndex" },
                  { false, FT_SHORT, "GroupFinderActivityGrpID" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "MinLevel" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "MaxLevelSuggestion" },
                  { false, FT_INT, "Flags" },
                  { false, FT_SHORT, "MinGearLevelSuggestion" },
                  { false, FT_SHORT, "MapID" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "DifficultyID" },
                  { false, FT_SHORT, "AreaID" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "MaxPlayers" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "DisplayType" },
              static DB2LoadInfo const loadInfo(&fields[0], std::extent<decltype(fields)>::value, GroupFinderActivityMeta::Instance(), HOTFIX_SEL_GROUP_FINDER_ACTIVITY);
              return &loadInfo;
      PreparedStatementBase::setBool ASSERTION FAILED: index < statement_data.size()
    • By Levcsu
      Dear everyone!
      Is there any kind of ways to disable the whole /run script command for players (chat functions)?
      Especially I'm looking for a fix solution for this:
      /run SendChatMessage("WOW", "WHISPER", nil, "\240\146\140\165\240\146\145\163\240\146\145\169\240\147\139\141\240\147\139\136\240\147\137\161\240\146\140\165\240\146\145\163\240\146\145\169\240\147\139\141\240\147\139\136\240\147\137\161")
      This still crash the server, and tested on the latest TrinityCore-master and TrinityCore-3.3.5
      I hope someone able to help me out.
      I tried this as a solution, but no luck sadly:
      PS: No crash log at all on debug mode lol
    • By Levcsu
      Dear everyone!
      Where can I download the full client ( which is compatible with the Master branch? Its enough to download the full game from battle.net, and I will able to join to the server fresh compilied master branch server?
    • By Sergio
      I pulled the latest update of TC to version
      When I extracted dbc and maps from retail ( some of them couldnt be readed or couldnt be opened. I will give you an image of the mapextractor.exe. Also I have different locales on my WoW Client, and some of them can open on different locales, meanwhile not in others. For example, the extractor could read Achievemnt.db2 from esES locale, but not from enUS.

    • By ChazH

      I have been using TC for a few weeks now and have noticed a few issues. I am using TDB_full_735.00_2018_02_19 and loading the updates from the src folder ( As suggested from the database setup)
      1. Cooking window shows 0/0 and will not allow me to update the skills
      2. Unable to learn any cooking skills 
      3. After purchasing the fishing skill, logging out and coming back in. The Skill is removed from my professions and I cannot purchase it again
      4. While fishing, the fishing bobber never plays the animation that a fish has landed.

      Any suggestions on what could be causing these issue?

      I have been digging around in the code looking into possible ways to fix it but am not sure where to start. I have read the documentation about contributing but still, there is a lot there. Also, is there any write up on how the database is setup or an explanation as to how the tables are structured? I would love to start contributing to this project. Seems like a fun/challenging process.

      Thank you,

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