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  1. Thanks, Shauren. i know that. Maybe Casc can show binary values. I already understood, that can fix only existing data. I was not going to insert custom data.
  2. Hey everyone. Sorry for questions. Hotfix_blob table - how does this table work? TableHash - not questions, understandably. Taken from db2 hash in WoW Packet Parser. RecordId - not questions, understandably. Taken id from approapriate db client files. blob - need understand, how customer keys are generated. Not just only from sniff. Thanks advance.
  3. It is likely that a blizzard will use SendPlaySpellVisualKit to send a visual effect. Or SendPlaySpellVisual for missile trajectrory. And there is another version: Blizzard was fixed using hotfixes base, but was not touched in the client files.
  4. Areatrigger template id - used value from sniff. But you can add custom id. Spell_areatrigger - SpellMiscId = SpellEffect MiscValueA, AreaTriggerId -called from Areatrigger template id.
  5. Use CONDITION_OBJECT_ENTRY_GUID = 31, // TypeID entry guid true if object is type TypeID and the entry is 0 or matches entry of the object or matches guid of the object CONDITION_SOURCE_TYPE_SMART_EVENT 22 ID (smart_scripts.id) + 1 4 : TYPEID_PLAYER https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130002/conditions
  6. I found structure for DissolveEffect.db2. Tell me please, what opcode need for Play effect from this table? https://github.com/WowDevTools/WDBXEditor/blob/dev/WDBXEditor/Definitions/Legion 7.3.5 (26654).xml#L1320 Also, fonded structure for DecalProperties.db2 https://github.com/WowDevTools/WDBXEditor/blob/dev/WDBXEditor/Definitions/Legion 7.3.5 (26654).xml#L1240
  7. Hello everyone. Blizzard add new SpellVisualEvent.db2. How opcodes needed for handler this table in core? About DissolveEffect.db2. How handlers in core on current state?
  8. Do not even try to do this with spells that have SPELL_EFFECT 179 (create areatrigger) and SPELL_EFFECT_27 (persistent area aura). This will not work. If spell have effect for example SPELL_EFFECT_SPAWN (spell effect 46), but don't have SPELL_EFFECT_179 or 27, spell visual not displaying.
  9. You should not change db2 files, otherwise your kernel will simply not run. If core not have this hotfixes support, need implement in core and you can change in hotfixes databases.
  10. https://github.com/Warpten/DBFilesClient.NET If not wrong, need VS 2015 for compile.
  11. `Flags` can be taken from SpellXSpellVisual.db2 if you needed.
  12. @Skizooo Using Windows 7. Just what does this have to this subject?
  13. Solved: insert into `spell_x_spell_visual` (`ID`, `SpellID`, `DifficultyID`, `SpellVisualID1`, `SpellVisualID2`, `Unk620`, `PlayerConditionID`, `Flags`, `VerifiedBuild`) values ('1','100029','0','36238','0','1','0','0','0'); Where 1 = integer value. You can set on any, example 2, 3 or 100 or more. Where 100029 - spell id, for which you want to change the visual effect 0 - can be 0. Not necessarily change 36238 - a visual effect that you want to see for this spell. 0 - always be 0. On current state. Unk620 - should be always = 1. On 7.0.3 should be always = 0. From pxrwowdev. PlayerConditionID`- can be 0. Flags - can be 0. VerifiedBuild`- can be 0.
  14. SPELL_AURA_OBS_MOD_HEALTH implemented in core.
  15. Brandmauer Windows also can blocked SpellWork.
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