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problem implement db2 file last rev core 8.3.7

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i want implement lfg list but i want implement GroupFinderActivity.db2, GroupFinderActivityGrp.db2 and GroupFinderCategory.db2.

After add structure, meta, loadinfo, the core start but i ve this error :

thanks for help me :

struct GroupFinderActivityEntry
    uint32       ID;
    LocalizedString* FullName;
    LocalizedString* ShortName;
    uint8       GroupFinderCategoryID;
    uint8       OrderIndex;
    uint16        GroupFinderActivityGrpID;
    uint8       MinLevel;
    uint8       MaxLevelSuggestion;
    uint32        Flags;
    uint16      MinGearLevelSuggestion;
    uint16      MapID;
    uint8       DifficultyID;
    uint16      AreaID;
    uint8       MaxPlayers;
    uint8       DisplayType;

struct GroupFinderActivityMeta
    static DB2Meta const* Instance()
        static DB2MetaField const fields[14] =
            { FT_STRING, 1, true },
            { FT_STRING, 1, true },
            { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
            { FT_BYTE, 1, true },
            { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
            { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
            { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
            { FT_INT, 1, false },
            { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
            { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
            { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
            { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
            { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
            { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
        static DB2Meta instance(974813, -1, 14, 14, 0xB0090189, fields, -1);
        return &instance;

struct GroupFinderActivityLoadInfo
    static DB2LoadInfo const* Instance()
        static DB2FieldMeta const fields[] =
            { false, FT_INT, "ID" },
            { false, FT_STRING, "FullName" },
            { false, FT_STRING, "ShortName" },
            { false, FT_BYTE, "GroupFinderCategoryID" },
            { true, FT_BYTE, "OrderIndex" },
            { false, FT_SHORT, "GroupFinderActivityGrpID" },
            { false, FT_BYTE, "MinLevel" },
            { false, FT_BYTE, "MaxLevelSuggestion" },
            { false, FT_INT, "Flags" },
            { false, FT_SHORT, "MinGearLevelSuggestion" },
            { false, FT_SHORT, "MapID" },
            { false, FT_BYTE, "DifficultyID" },
            { false, FT_SHORT, "AreaID" },
            { false, FT_BYTE, "MaxPlayers" },
            { false, FT_BYTE, "DisplayType" },
        static DB2LoadInfo const loadInfo(&fields[0], std::extent<decltype(fields)>::value, GroupFinderActivityMeta::Instance(), HOTFIX_SEL_GROUP_FINDER_ACTIVITY);
        return &loadInfo;

PreparedStatementBase::setBool ASSERTION FAILED: index < statement_data.size()



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If you are using Visual Studio then recent versions have some sort of bug not properly clearing/recompiling changed files, try fully deleting your build dir and start fresh from cmake

None of DB2 code uses PreparedStatementBase::setBool which is why i think you are running into that bug

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