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Multi realms and builds

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OK wonder if someone can help me fix this or lest figure out how I can fix it. I have 3 reams one for 21355 (6.2.4) one for26972 (7.3.5)  and 28153 (8.0.1)

I can log into auth 7.3.5 ok and 8.0.1 ok but when I try to for 6.2.4 I get an error saying  WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: Authentication failed for account: 4 ('4#1') address: But I can change it to the old auth for just 6.2.4 I can log into it ok I have Id set right port  game build

I can see no difference between the auth SQL files where it would give me this error. At one time I had all 3 workings.. but 6.2.4 stopped working, some were alone the line


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This isnt a supported scenario, bnetserver has three separate build ranges that are incompatible with each other due to changes in client

6.0 to 6.2.3

6.2.4 to 7.2.5

7.3 to now


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