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Hotfix_blob table


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Hey everyone. Sorry for questions.
Hotfix_blob table - how does this table work?

TableHash - not questions, understandably. Taken from db2 hash in WoW Packet Parser.
RecordId - not questions, understandably. Taken id from approapriate db client files.

blob - need understand, how customer keys are generated. Not just only from sniff. Thanks advance.


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5 hours ago, Shauren said:

This table exists only to send sniffed hotfixes for db2 files that are not loaded by TC. You should never try to manually insert data into it.


Thanks, Shauren. i know that.


5 hours ago, Shauren said:

If you really must know - blob is simply the entire db2 row written as binary

Maybe Casc can show binary values. I already understood, that can fix only existing data.
I was not going to insert custom data.

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