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Access Inside Network and Outside Help

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OK here is a background of what I am working with. I am hosting my own Trinity package on a virtual server '16 at work (don't judge me). I have 8050 and 3724 opened on our cisco firewall. I am using No-IP for DNS hosting. DNS is working fine. I can easily do a NSLookup and get reports back via inside seeing my server's Static and pinging outside ( to see my DNS set as my public IP. So I know DNS is working fine. 


I can access the private server fine outside my network with one 1 realm setup. Only way to access the "Server" inside my network is to setup a second realm in the database. 

So for explaining sake lets look at it like this:

Realm 1 = Public access - Works fine

Realm 2 = LAN access - Works fine but can't see anyone logged into Realm 1 and vice versa


Now here is my issue. Is it possible to have both realms merged to where when I am sitting in my office playing I will be able to see my friend who is at it his house?

Currently that is not the case, however what ever I do on the realm inside my network syncs to the public realm. Which is natural since it's the same database. 


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22 hours ago, Silli_Swilli said:

Which is natural since it's the same database. 

It's not natural at all.  If you look through the table structure, you will see that the RealmId originates from worldserver.conf and carries through to the DB.

RealmId must be unique per application instance - i.e. the database is effectively sharded / separate, based on the realmid.

Furthermore, the app will be caching a lot of data and won't read unless it needs to.  Otherwise it would be dreadfully slow.

Hence, you need to fix your network setup and have a single realm working on both connections instead of looking for ways to have 2 realms act as 1.

Migrating characters should be easy, since all you need to do is a global update on the realm id on all tables, given you will be abandoning the other realm.

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