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[SOLVED]World server crashes on login


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Hello ive been banging my head against a wall for 3 days now ive googled over and over to find a solution but cannot find answers

ive compiled trinity core

setup databases

and im at the last step of the process where you login

the problem i have is that everytime i login it crashes the worldserver.exe and the login attempt fails and i cant understand the crash logs it just says something about assertion failed

authserver remains open also if it matters world server doesnt require auth server to be open but i open auth first and ive tried switching them around to no success

trying to connect via localhost

also attached is a crash log from the crashes folder dunno if its the right one

its not a repack that im using its cloned from github ive followed every step of the guide and ive read it multiple times to ensure that i got each step right

its the 3.3.5 branch

thank you for your time and assistance


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Sorry am a bit of an idiot installed wrong version of openssl didnt think it mattered :P

i got it working and running made a character

thanks for developing this so people like me can play it.....

anyway ignore the above post...:P

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