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Downside to continued use of CentOS Stream 8


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I've had TC 3.3.5 branch running on CentOS 8, now I'm currently compiling on 8 Stream (after compiling Boost 1.71). Is there any downside to continued use of CentOS 8 or should I start to look toward CentOS 9? I know 8 will be EOL in 2024. Will TrinityCore eventually go beyond the minimum dependency versions? This server isn't on any net connected to the Internet so updates aren't easy as I have to lug it into work.

Thanks for any insight.

Oh for reference, since the RHEL deriv compile is outdated, here's my command history. Not sure if all the pckg install were required

    2  dnf install epel-release
     4  dnf -y install git cmake3 make clang mariadb-devel openssl-devel bzip2-devel readline-devel ncurses-devel gcc-c++
     6  dnf -y install libquadmath-devel vim wget mariadb-server p7zip
   12  mkdir /trinity
   13  adduser trinity
   15  passwd trinity
   20  chown trinity:trinity /trinity -R
   23  usermod -d /trinity trinity
   28  wget https://boostorg.jfrog.io/artifactory/main/release/1.71.0/source/boost_1_71_0.tar.gz
   47  tar -xvf boost_1_71_0.tar.gz
   49  cd boost_1_71_0
   54  ./bootstrap.sh
   55  ./b2
   57  ./b2 header
   58  ./b2 install
   59  cd /trinity
   61  mkdir bin
   62  git clone -b 3.3.5 https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.git
   62  cd /trinity/TrinityCore
   63  mkdir build
   64  cd build
   65  cmake ../ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/trinity/beta/bin
   64  make install


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On 10/10/2022 at 4:36 AM, kageboshi said:

Ah ok thanks. I noticed the official CentOS repo release of boost is 1.66. Fortunately compiling ver 1.71 didn't require other depends but for how long is the question.

we recommend to avoid centos to run trinitycore, because they give a lot of issues.

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