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  1. Actually scratch that, the actual bnetserver.exe opens, but I still get the same error when connecting :/
  2. Welp, not sure what went wrong, but opening it by command line seems to do it.. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I wanted to make my 6.x server open to play with a friend this morning, but he's been getting error #2 on wow login screen ("Unable to Connect"). Every port described on the installation guide is open, the realmlist.address on the database is my external ip address and so is his set portal on Config.wtf, also, my core/db are up to date since I updated it to 6.2.2 before trying this out. Am I doing somethig wrong?
  4. Is there a link to download the client on 6.2.0?
  5. Hm, it must've updated on it's own or something... Is there any way to stop BNet app from doing this?
  6. Hi! I have an up-to-date 6.x build that was working fine until I tried opening wow_64_patched.exe today, I got error #134: "Unable to open DBFilesClient\MovieOverlays.dbc: Can't find file in build manifest" Could this be related to the update to 6.2.2 that happened earlier today? I wanted to post this here in case it was some silly mistake I made before I put it on the issue tracker. Thanks!
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