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  1. Shtoink

    Blink is bugged again on TC

    nothing like someone complaining about people not doing enough while refusing to do anything themselves
  2. This isnt the place to ask about that, friend. Its taboo. Id suggest google?
  3. Shtoink

    Avoid legal issues? Host etc.

    Dont try to make profit of a public server and you will prob never have any worries with Blizzard.
  4. Shtoink

    Compile or cmake problems

    That error is saying you do not have it installed. try to reinstall it. If your on debian based: sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf libtool gcc g++ make cmake git-core patch wget links zip unzip unrar If that returns saying everything was already installed then I am wrong.
  5. Shtoink

    Compile or cmake problems

    Pretty sure you need osx if compiling on a mac? And by osx Im assuming thats osx on an x86? Correct me if Im wrong
  6. Shtoink

    Compile or cmake problems

    set the date on your linux server radon. And dont be rude to Athena pls.