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  1. Goodbye, cruel world, I'm leaving you today (c)...
  2. Hello everybody! Became known what Microsoft bought GitHub A large number of organizations and developers involved in the development of free software began to move their repositories from GitHub to the Bitbucket and GitLab servers. I remind that MS have already stated that github will move to Azura, ms "troolchain" and other M$S services / apps . That TC think about this?
  3. F03SD

    [SOLVED]mmaps tool

    --threads=1 works, ye
  4. F03SD

    [SOLVED]mmaps tool

    When mmaps tool runs on linux it causes 100% CPU Usage on All cores. My CPU is Intel Core i9 Skylake-X [7920X]. Maybe need add additionally flags like "make -j2" ?
  5. F03SD

    Make my server online

    Repacks aren't supported for help and support ask help to repacker.
  6. twich.tv eula interdict the broadcasting of pirated content (Like a private servers). U may can stream dev on " Creative " category.
  7. https://help.github.com/articles/github-terms-of-service/#d-user-generated-content
  8. https://www.mirbsd.org/permalinks/wlog-10_e20170301-tg.htm#e20170301-tg_wlog-10
  9. March 1, 2017 in terms of use GitHub (section D) were made to items that are not compatible with the requirements of the attribution of some licenses, such as (A / L) GPL and CC - * - SA, as well as the licenses which impose conditions on the use. MIT License and the BSD, may not be affected by this change. Projects that use incompatible licenses violate the Terms of Service and must be removed.
  10. F03SD

    How to configure client ?

    use client patcher , that included in trinitycore
  11. F03SD

    Item problem

    trinitycore not supported custom core builds
  12. F03SD

    Server runs only @localhost

    try change worldconf -> server bind ip