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  1. https://help.github.com/articles/github-terms-of-service/#d-user-generated-content
  2. https://www.mirbsd.org/permalinks/wlog-10_e20170301-tg.htm#e20170301-tg_wlog-10
  3. March 1, 2017 in terms of use GitHub (section D) were made to items that are not compatible with the requirements of the attribution of some licenses, such as (A / L) GPL and CC - * - SA, as well as the licenses which impose conditions on the use. MIT License and the BSD, may not be affected by this change. Projects that use incompatible licenses violate the Terms of Service and must be removed.
  4. use client patcher , that included in trinitycore
  5. trinitycore not supported custom core builds
  6. try change worldconf -> server bind ip
  7. ​You have reached the limit of your hardware to represent integers directly.
  8. reported with notice "racism"
  9. This site (www.trinitycore.info) hangs on addresses and The requested address is blacklisted Blacklisting authorization date Blacklisting authorization number Blacklisting decision maker Blacklisting date 11.02.2014 2/1/11-16870 FCKN 19.03.2014
  10. maybe it my provider ... i will chek it
  11. "Resource on the IP-address is blocked by a public authority" and atached link on page: http://eais.rkn.gov.ru/en/
  12. Hello.Almost all domains Trinity Core were blocked in ru.For what reason is not clear.