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  1. Compile or cmake problems

    It sounds like you ought to delete (or rename) your build folder, make a new one, and configure/compile based on the new setup.
  2. Problems setting up server on linux

    They're assuming you have a World of Warcraft client, either the current one for the master branch, or the 3.3.5 client for that branch. (The client is "the game" as most of us refer to it, as opposed to "the server".) It's illegal (in many jurisdictions) to distribute the client, since it belongs to the WoW people. You can get the current client from battle.net, of course -- it's free to play initially. The older client can be found as a bittorrent, or might be downloaded from one of the independent server operators. A search engine may help find it. Naturally, I don't advise you to break any laws you're subject to, despite the fact that many people have done so in the past.
  3. [SOLVED]Change .Conf location

    Look at oXL0C0Xo's post above. That flag changes the config directory. You'll also see it in the drop-down under the linux core installation. The cmake command ought to be roughly the same, so something like cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 15 2017" -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=[install dir] -DCONF_DIR=[config dir] -DTOOLS=1 should get you a visual studio solution file which you use to compile (according to the tutorial). I
  4. [SOLVED]Change .Conf location

    Presumably, it works a lot like the linux version of the install. However, for more general information on using cmake in windows, you might look at this tutorial, which was the clearest answer I could find. (I haven't used windows in over a decade, so it seems very confusing to me.)
  5. [INVALID]Auth server Error

    When you reinstall the repack does it drop and reinitialize the databases? Does it replace the *.conf files? If not, you still haven't started from zero.
  6. [INVALID]Auth server Error

    When you say you put everything back, did you keep a copy of the files exactly as they were originally? You might try comparing your configuration with the stock files on the github site to see if anything else changed. Are you sure your database server is running? Can you use the mysql command line tool or the windows equivalent to look at the tables? I had a problem a lot like this recently, with authserver unable to connect. It turned out to be because I edited the mysql.cnf file to disable sql networking on the advice of a security guide. Needless to say, that didn't work out. However, if there's a firewall blocking your loopback connection, that would probably look the same. (Or if the sql server crashed at some point.)
  7. How to check for spell cast?

    When I wanted to do something on a spell cast, I did this, which would probably work, but may not be the best way.
  8. I tend to agree with this, and don't think the buy-out is a big deal. However, the blog post would have more weight if microsloth wasn't one of their gold members and potentially influencing their opinion.
  9. Great Work

    I just have to say that this project is amazing. I am having SO much fun. Thank you, everyone who contributed to it. It took me a couple of days to get everything put together, on my spare debian machine, but it works like a champ (even with older hardware).