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  1. And the question is why it takes so long? or what?
  2. Actually no, the example you used has 4 npc's running behind eachother. You need to find the first npc for the correct path, it will have a lot less points. The 3 other npc's will use more points because they run in formation thus having more points then needed
  3. If i recall i added those honor hold cavalryman's path. What are you trying to do?
  4. Thanks for the advice, works now, However can you explain what we should do to make it work with the updates?
  5. I am missing these aswell.. I can't even get gm working at the moment. (Worst thing is, i got it working few months ago and now with a fresh clone it fails).
  6. Ok guys, I feel like a noob for asking this, but for some reason i can't get the gm commands to work ingame on my gm account. I'm helpless for some reason, in the console everything works fine but in game it says 'There is no such subcommand'. I cloned a new tc, downloaded the TDB_full_335.52_2013_07_17 world database. I used auth & characters in "sqlbase" to setup those 2 databases. I updated every database with all the updates till rev: 6402fa02ac4a4f1d731ed0b6d744328527e2a857 (23/12/2013) I start it up, no errors, i do "account create name pass" & account set gmlevel 2 3 -1 (in auth -> account -> i see ID=2 and then the username i made). in account_access it does say id=2 gmlevel=3 realmid=-1. So that is set. As far that rbac goes i got 4 tables in auth, "rbac_account_permissions, rbac_default_permissions, rbac_linked_permissions and rbac_permissions. Then we i am ingame i see and i go to console press pinfo -> i see Account: username (id: 2), gmlevel: 3 and some other stuff, player name (guid: 1) But when i do ".help" it does nothing, when i do ".account" it says Incorrect syntax -> and when i do ".account help" i get There is no such subcommand. Can anyone point me my fatal flaw? Thanks in advance
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