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  1. ‚ÄčThe thing is, that ArcEmu is dead, we are still alive. We have 90% of WOTLK content scripted properly, gunship battle as well. You should check it yourself and stop saying AC web comments. Also, if you don't like TC, I can't understand the goal of this topic. Tell me what do you want?
  2. Hello, you have to have the same build of client which we support (currently 20338). Download it from blizzard launcher and then you have to use connection_patcher. This patch your client and you will get rid of that error. It will create new file Wow_patched.exe (Wow-64_patched.exe) and with that new file you can connect on your local server. Of course you have to change portal in WTF folder and Config.wtf file. Change it from EU (or possibly US) to IP of server where you are trying to connect (possibly localhost) Regards, Mitches
  3. Well, you won't find commit that changes ACE to ZMPQ because we didn't, we changed ACE to boost.
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