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  1. Hmm, this means recreating the whole game from scratch. Wow is made by thousands of blizzard workers. Even if open source version is created, this will no longer be wow...
  2. Ok, i understand, but for example sha of anger has 133 items loot. How can a person add manually so much items?
  3. I think it will be easy to make extractor, that extracts loot from wowhead. Why there isn't one?
  4. Hello, guys i have a question. Is there any way to sniff the loot data from online databases like wowhead? Please explain how you guys insert all that tons of loot. I doubt that you insert every single item by hand. Sorry if that is not the right forum section for that question.
  5. ​Yep! ​By the way when i patch the client i got this output: Creating patched binary... Win32 client... patching Portal Found offset 11671340 patching redirect RSA Modulus Found offset 10608752 patching BNet Found offset 7933815 patching Signature Found offset 7901388 Patching done. EX: basic_string::_S_construct null not valid An error occurred. Press ENTER to continue... I see there is an error but it still creates a patched wow.exe maybe the problem is caused by this error?
  6. ​Ok now i got error #114...Do you know how to fix it?
  7. And how a people that doesn't made copy must get that client?
  8. What is the build of the current retail version?
  9. Hello i compiled the latest version of TC 6.x, updated the database to TDB_full_6.02_2015_07_14 and created account with bnet account create ***** *****, but when i try to login the client gives me this error : Battle.net error #112 Unable to validate game version. My game version is 6.2.0(20201)(64x Release)(Patched). Why is that? The last database says that it supports 6.2.0
  10. Hello, i want to ask what is the best way to start developing TrinityCore scripts. Please tell me how you started developing and what do you recommend to me. Maybe some kind of tutorial? Please don't redirect me to the EmuDev's outdated videos. I have a bit of c++ and mysql knowledge but i don't understand anything of the TC scripting at all. I hope you can help me :)!
  11. How soon?Is this wroth it to downgrade the client or just wait for the TC update?
  12. Hello, i know that is stupid but which version of wow is supported by the 6.x branch?
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