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  1. Here's a few more. PS: Either you contribute, or you're not helping. Pushing "Like" on the post isn't gonna do anything. azjolnerub.sql theeye.sql magtheridon.sql gruul.sql ragefire.sql utgardekeep.sql
  2. Well, to start things off, here's my version of the spawn dump for everyone's favorite raid instance: naxxdump.sql
  3. As outlined in #20103, we're currently making a concerted push for blizzlike instance spawn behavior. As part of this, every instance in the 3.3.5 client needs to have all of its spawns mapped to the corresponding instance boss that causes that group to no longer spawn once defeated. Luckily, we have a tool to help with this. Extract the attached archive into your Interface/AddOns directory, then log onto a 3.3.5 core running commit fcd6fe0 (or newer). Move yourself into the instance you want to map, then invoke /spawngroup to bring up the mapper panel. Use the green plus icon to create one spawn group for each boss in the instance. If there are groups with complex conditions, like "only spawns if any of X, Y and Z are alive", create a separate group for each of them. Scroll down (shift+mouse wheel to scroll faster) and name each of the newly created groups (right-click the respective header). Names should be representative, but have only descriptive value (no need to match the boss name exactly, for example). Start assigning groups to entries and spawns in the "Unassigned" category. Pay attention to detail - not all creatures of the same entry are necessarily assigned to a specific boss. Click on an entry to expand it into a list of its spawn points. Each spawn point can be individually assigned to a group. Click on a spawn point to teleport to it. You can combine this with having the world map open to quickly map disjoint spawn points. Once you are done, click on "Export SQL" to generate a complete instance spawn group script for the instance, then post it here. Because mistakes happen, I'd like at least two, preferably three, copies of each data set, from different people. To find out which instances still need data, take a look at this issue on the tracker - contributions may be posted either there or in this thread. (PS: Feel free to take breaks. The mapper stores any mappings you've already made and will reload them when you bring the panel up again, including across sessions [assuming you log out normally - don't force kill the client.]) (PPS: Invoke /spawngroup while outside an instance at your own peril - it's probably gonna freeze your client for a bit. Lots of spawns there.)
  4. uint64 ObjectGuid::GetRawValue() const
  5. They can block external connections to your ports if their NAT cutoff is configured not to forward them (and doesn't let you access config/allow you to change it). Not going to stop you from playing in the same household (inside the NAT), but won't let you connect from outside.
  6. All the stat modification commands are debugging tools that simply modify the underlying stat directly. When something changes that causes a stat re-calculation, this change will disappear. When looking for a more durable solution, look into auras that provide the effect you're looking for, since they will persist (for their duration, at least).
  7. ./worldserver Generally learning how to use your OS is recommended before attempting to run a server.
  8. If `Reference` is nonzero, then the value in the `Item` column for that row is ignored (it's only set for primary key uniqueness). In this case, the loot slot(s) generated by the entry are populated by items from `reference_loot_template` with entry = reference ID from c_l_t. Also note that the Ignis entry in creature_template with entry 33118 is the template used on difficulty 0 (10-man normal, for raids). On difficulty 1 (25-man normal), some aspects (such as the loot table) are taken from the creature_template specified in difficulty_entry_1 - for Ignis, this is 33190, so you'd refer to creature_loot_template with entry = 33190 (and the references listed there) for 25-man loot. PS: Not relevant to your issue, but database updates happen when the core starts up assuming you've updated your source folder from the git repo. The worldserver binary checks <source>/sql/updates/world subfolders for any files it hasn't applied yet and applies them in order - it knows where the folder is because cmake sets the source path as a compiler constant. If this doesn't match your setup, worldserver.conf has a variable that overrides it. PPS: For quick clarification questions like this, it's probably better if you get on IRC (#trinity @ Rizon). Forums are awfully slow (and I never read them anyway).
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