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  1. Greetings, Is there any way to change the extractors to load all of the patches instead of only up to patch-5.mpq? The reason is that I have many patches in my project, some contain custom maps, others contain resources (objects) for those maps and I can't narrow it down enough to get just 1 patch without making it be over 10 gigabytes in size. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Greetings, I'm experiencing a crash when starting worldserver. This happened since I migrated the core to a new PC, it used to work fine on the old one. The world server stops at Using Boost version: 1.59.0 and then soon closes. No error log is generated and the server.log shows the below output: TrinityCore rev. ceb5726d0642 2017-11-15 15:27:09 +0000 (master branch) (Win64, Release, Static) (worldserver-daemon) <Ctrl-C> to stop. ______ __ /\__ _\ __ __/\ \__ \/_/\ \/ _ __ /\_\ ___ /\_\ \, _\ __ __ \ \ \/\`'__\/\ \ /' _ `\/\ \ \ \/ /\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \ \/ \ \ \/\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \_\ \ \_\ \ \ \_\ \_\ \ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \__\\/`____ \ \/_/\/_/ \/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/__/ `/___/> \ C O R E /\___/ http://TrinityCore.org \/__/ Using configuration file D:/Downloads/Trinitycore 3.3.5 Eluna/Core/worldserver.conf. Using SSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2k 26 Jan 2017 (library: OpenSSL 1.0.2a 19 Mar 2015) Using Boost version: 1.59.0 Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong to cause this?
  3. Greetings, I am wondering if it is possible to see somewhere in the logs, or configure them in a way that they would log all trades made between players using the normal player to player trade? Best regards
  4. Well I'm attaching the function void InstanceSaveManager::LoadResetTimes() below if anyone has any idea where the problem might be: LoadResetTimes.txt
  5. Oh I see, well that is unfortunate. Thanks for the replies.
  6. The core is 7.3.5 and it's unmodified, so there's nothing for me to compare it to...
  7. Greetings, I am offering a Paypal payment of 100€ to a person who can provide me with one of the following (if you give me both, then I'll pay for both): A working link of a Legion 7.3.2 FULL client (not tinyclient), the whole thing that should be aproximately 40gb or so. Trinitycore 7.3.5 working core (not repack) with raw database included (please make sure it's working, the pull from the official github tag 7.3.5 does not compile, so that is not it). I am doing this because I have been trying for days and I really can't afford to spend more time on this, so I will gladly pay if you get me something that works. When you send it to me, please PM me your paypal so I can pay you. I can pay trusted members of the community upfront if they're skeptical. Thank you in advance!
  8. Greetings, I am experiencing a problem with Trinitycore 7.3.5. When starting the worldserver for the very first time, everything starts up fine and it works. But once the server is closed and opened up again, the following error shows up every time. I have also tried recompiling and erasing the database and once again it worked the first time, but then the same error over and over. No core or database madifications have been made, this is a raw TC 7.3.5 pull. Any advise on what I can do? Ps. I do not wish to upgrade to TC 8.xx because I have tried it and it is simply too unstable right now to use it, so I really want to get this Legion core to work. unknown_worldserver.exe_[22-4_21-47-17].txtServer.log
  9. Greetings, I have a somewhat strange question in case someone has done something like this before. I would like to spawn one instance of every NPC that has a unique model (in other words, one NPC for every unique model that exists) somewhere in the world, lined up. This is to enable me to find models for custom NPCs much more easily than going through the entire wowhead. Has anyone done something like this before and could share how? Yes I know this would result in a few thousand NPCs, but if they are spawned in a map emptied beforehand (like The Barrens), then I think it should work, right? Thank you in advance!
  10. Hello. I'm trying to create a new displayid for a NPC to use. I have so far copied the exact values from CreatureDisplayInfo.db2 and CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.db2 from the displayid 28222 and created it as a new displayid of 500000 in creature_display_info and creature_display_info_extra in the Hotfixes database (and added both to Hotfix_data). When I try it out ingame, the target will morph into the new displayid I created but will then fade out over around 1 second and become invisible, and I can't figure out why this is happening. I'm also wondering which table in Hotfixes I need to use to use to change the items the new displayid is wearing. Here are the screenshots of both hotfix tables and screenshots of the fade out ingame: Any help or ideas very much appreciated.
  11. The entries in creature_model_info go all the way up to 76925, unless there's something else that needs to be filled out for it to work.
  12. Hello, today I setup a 7.3.2 (master) branch TC. Seeing as WoW already upgraded to 7.3.5, I downloaded the dbc/maps/mmaps/vmaps from https://dl.ashamane.com/7.3.2/. Everything works fine, except that none of the creatures from 7.2 and newer cannot be spawned ingame, however I can still morph into their displayids. I'm suspecting the dbcs from there are broken or outdated, but I could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe you can upload your own dbc and gt folders so I can try if that will fix it. Thanks in advance.
  13. Is there a way to still get the dbc, maps, mmaps and vmaps for 7.3.2 if your retail WoW upgraded to 7.3.5 already? Or do I simply have to wait for TC 7.3.5?
  14. I'm able to connect, but others can't. The realmlist table is set to the DNS for remote and my local address for localAddress as written above.
  15. Yes, I've tried your way as well, but this did not work either. The IP has also not changed.
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