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  1. Hello. I'm trying to create a new displayid for a NPC to use. I have so far copied the exact values from CreatureDisplayInfo.db2 and CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.db2 from the displayid 28222 and created it as a new displayid of 500000 in creature_display_info and creature_display_info_extra in the Hotfixes database (and added both to Hotfix_data). When I try it out ingame, the target will morph into the new displayid I created but will then fade out over around 1 second and become invisible, and I can't figure out why this is happening. I'm also wondering which table in Hotfixes I need to use to use to change the items the new displayid is wearing. Here are the screenshots of both hotfix tables and screenshots of the fade out ingame: Any help or ideas very much appreciated.
  2. The entries in creature_model_info go all the way up to 76925, unless there's something else that needs to be filled out for it to work.
  3. Hello, today I setup a 7.3.2 (master) branch TC. Seeing as WoW already upgraded to 7.3.5, I downloaded the dbc/maps/mmaps/vmaps from https://dl.ashamane.com/7.3.2/. Everything works fine, except that none of the creatures from 7.2 and newer cannot be spawned ingame, however I can still morph into their displayids. I'm suspecting the dbcs from there are broken or outdated, but I could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe you can upload your own dbc and gt folders so I can try if that will fix it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Is there a way to still get the dbc, maps, mmaps and vmaps for 7.3.2 if your retail WoW upgraded to 7.3.5 already? Or do I simply have to wait for TC 7.3.5?
  5. I'm able to connect, but others can't. The realmlist table is set to the DNS for remote and my local address for localAddress as written above.
  6. Yes, I've tried your way as well, but this did not work either. The IP has also not changed.
  7. Hello, I'm having trouble making the server public. I managed to do it on Windows 7 about 2 years ago (MOP core) but ever since I went Windows 10 I wasn't able to make it work without using services like Hamachi. Now I'm not sure if it's actually Windows 10 that's causing the problem or if I'm just seriously missing something. I'm currently running Legion core 7.1. I am able to connect, but no one else can. When using websites such as canyouseeme.org, port 8085 is visible but 3724 is not. Ports forwarded: TCP & UDP 8085, 3724, 3306, 7878, 3443, 8081 Ports and programs enabled in Firewall, disabling Firewall entirely does not work either. Auth.realmlist: address: neprahines.no-ip.biz localAddress = bnetserver.conf: LoginREST.Port = 8081 LoginREST.ExternalAddress=neprahines.no-ip.biz LoginREST.LocalAddress= Screenshot of bnetserver: Bnetserver.conf:
  8. Running into this issue with all of the extractors. The core was compiled yesterday at around midnight GMT+1. WoW was also updated to latest yesterday.
  9. Hello, I just downloaded and compiled the latest WODcore, but the worldserver crashes when it starts to load the battlefield system. Any ideas? Server.log: http://pastebin.com/EVpnHdz1
  10. I repeatedly get the following error while compiling the new 6.2.4 core. I attempted redownloading several times (note that 6.2.3 compiles just fine). Error 1 error C2280: 'std::unique_ptr<Battlenet::Session::AccountInfo,std::default_delete<_Ty>> &std::unique_ptr<_Ty,std::default_delete<_Ty>>::operator =(const std::unique_ptr<_Ty,std::default_delete<_Ty>> &)' : attempting to reference a deleted function C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Files\Uncommon\WoW Modding\TrinityCore-Raw_6_2_4\src\server\bnetserver\REST\LoginRESTService.cpp 340 1 bnetserver
  11. Hello, with this new update to 6.2.4, I've been unable to start the game, due to the standard errors already discussed in another thread. Now, what I'm wondering is if there is a way to use the 6.2.3 client (the one that is only an exe and downloads data as you play) and prevent it from downloading the 6.2.4 data, which cause you unable to play on your 6.2.3 server? The -noautolaunch64bit solution didn't seem to work. All help very much appreciated.
  12. The result is also the same with using the -noautolaunch64bit parameter, of course.
  13. Is there anything one can do if their client already updated itself, before I read this thread? Deleting the Data folder and relaunching the 6.2.3 client just downloads the latest data, even with the -uid wow_enus -noautoupdate parameters.
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